Emergency oxygen administration can be given in most breathing and cardiac emergencies. This course, designed and offered by EMS Safety Services, may be taught separately or as part of a comprehensive CPR, AED or First Aid training course.

  • Taught as a stand alone program or in conjunction with EMS Safety’s CPR/AED or First Aid Training courses.
  • Meets standards for emergency
  • Instructor-to-Student ratio of 1:12
  • Major topics:
    • Emergency oxygen defined
    • Types and uses of oxygen equipment
    • Oxygen delivery devices and how to use them
    • General guidelines for use of emergency oxygen
    • Risks associated oxygen delivery
    • Oxygen safety and storage
  • Requires written and skills testing for certification
Emergency Oxygen Administration
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Class was free-flowing and very informative. Mr. Scott demonstrated a very thorough knowledge, content of the course was clearly presented.
Lydia Ceby