Stephany M. Havens, MS, Tennessee DCS

When I went through your CPR/First Aid course I thought it was great! I loved the visuals, the procedures are clear and easy to remember, and the design of the course reinforces the learning. I also enjoyed how the learners go back and forth from watching and listening to getting up and practicing. There’s never a moment to get sleepy or zone out. I’ve been CPR/FA certified a few times and I always fear not knowing exactly what to do if I ever have to perform CPR. After leaving the EMS training – I feel extremely confident that I know what to do.


Steven M. Scott RN Ph.D, Kansas City Kansas Public School System

On July 21 and July 22 I had the opportunity to take the EMS CPR provider course for instructors.
By nature I am a harsh critic, but I will have to say that the course was well ran and very organized, which is rare for a CPR instructor course. I have taken several in the past 35 years, and by far this was one of the best that I have offered.
I found the Instructor Trainers in a harmonic relationship that flowed well throughout the course. They both had the ability to relate to a diverse group of students, and at the same time make it meaningful and beneficial to all the class participants. They are quick to answer all questions, and it was a priority for them both to answer my e mails after class in regard to questions I had with my presentation.
I have taught at the University level for the past 30 years, and I still picked up from them both manners in which to better relate to students and put a course together.
I did so much appreciate the opportunity to work with your organization, and all my courses from now on will be based on the EMS model.


Tina Benekas, Federal Aviation Administration

I just wanted to let you know that I just love the new books. Everyone is raving about them. I even sent one to the national CEO for our Safety group.


Kerri Tidwell

I appreciate the way EMS does everything by ensuring our instructors are very prepared and able to teach. EMS creates an accepting environment, my students love the classes, the program allows us to treat the students with respect. We have so much fun learning, I can tailor the class to alternative airways if I need to. I mostly instruct other nurses.


Tony Huey, Kentuckiana Training Center

I have to tell you, I am thoroughly impressed with your videos and program, it’s the best by far…I am going to be bringing some of my guys in as Instructors with EMS.


Brian Bowles

I wanted to tell you, I like EMS and like teaching their program. I understand your program is the same premises as AHA, but in terms of workbooks and the language in them it is way more user friendly. Keep up the good work!


Mike Sharp

You guys have always been such a great help. I wish more companies operated like you all!!!


David Lamb, NREMT-P

 I just wanted to say over the past couple months I have ordered a lot of supplies and I am absolutely totally PLEASED with the fact that everything gets to my house so fast! AMAZING!!! It is also always the best “packed” merchandise I receive from anywhere!!! Never a square inch of wasted space!!!!


Thanks so much for the great service for many years!!!!


Michelle Petite

You guys are such a great company and easy to work with. You have one of the least expensive programs out there and I love that! I refer people to become instructors with you all the time.


Gail Pruitt

My students love the EMS CPR material.


Justin Hatley

I recently attended an Instructor Course with Rob Pryce from EMS Safety, in Roswell, NM. This had to be the most professional Instructor ever. He took pride in being from EMS Safety. I really enjoyed this class and took home a knowledge that will last forever. His methods for an Instructor to teach someone are top notch. I am very pleased and honored to be an Instructor for EMS Safety.

Thank you


Kristina Davis

Thank you EMS Safety for the update. I appreciate you and your constant vigil on any updates that make teaching CPR even more accurate and up to date.
It has been my pleasure to teach CPR, and be associated with your fine company and numerous representatives that have helped me over the year +. My training started with such a confidence booster. My orders for supplies have been accurate and complete and on time. Any issues I have had have been with secondary companies, however, those issues were resolved by EMS Safety personnel. And without argument the best customer service that I have ever experienced in several years.
Thank you again for your strong support as we go out in the world to help people save other peoples lives.


Ralph Dick

I just got back from an Emergency Response Instructor class in Nashville this weekend that Matt taught and he did a great job. MATT was a great inspiration not only to me but class. GREAT JOB MATT YOUR A CLASS ACT. THANKS


Gidgette Chesley

Loved the class! Weather was the only bummer. Thank you all for making it fun!


Heather Keene-Miller

This course was great. Matt, thank you 🙂


Joyce Core

I would like to extend the greatest appreciation to Jon for helping me to schedule the class to become an Emergency Response Instructor. My class was held on April 13th and 14th of this year, taught by Leo. Leo is one of the greatest instructors that I have ever had. To you, Leo, continue teaching in the manner that you do and many lives will be saved. Leo and Jon have been a great inspiration for me.


Rebekah Feasel, Northwest Underwater Construction
I am happy to report that the new pads are spot on and we are no longer experiencing any of the cryptic beeping and rapidly dying batteries like before. I received EXCELLENT customer service from all of you and am very grateful that you all made it so easy to get the problem solved. I am also grateful for the patient way you all handled my scrambling to locate units and get personnel to give me the proper numbers. 🙂


Nena Katona

I want you to know that Matt is the most exciting trainer I have ever dealt with. Excellent instructor. If I would of had some one like him several years back to bring out the excitement in being a trainer then I would of done this sooner. Well its never to late. I’m doing it now.
Shellbee, Maggie, Jessica whom I’ve never met but talk to several times have never been anything but polite, even with asking the same questions over and over and over. Very professional and I am happy and honored to be associated with them and with your company.


Alicia Hamilton

Thanks so much for enlightening me as I truly do appreciate that. The staff at EMS Safety is top-notch and always so very helpful – just reinforces that I made the right decision on selecting you all for my certification.


Billy Wayne

8 years as an EMS Instructor has convinced me that EMS life saving courses are the best and easier for the student to learn from! The new workbooks are great and the staff at EMS are professional,every day.


Scott M.

I just wanted to make sure that you guys know how great a job Matt did. Honestly in my 4 years as military police for the Navy, Security Manager for my casino and also as my time spent as a volunteer firefighter, I have taken several first-aid/ CPR classes and none left me feeling confident in what I had learned or even really that well informed. Whereas this instructor course left me feeling not only confident in my ability to respond accurately in an emergency but also confident in my ability to teach others to do the same. Matt is a great teacher and you guys are lucky to have him. I have worked many jobs and know all too well how often people can be under appreciated or just overlooked and I just wanted to make sure that you guys know that he is good at what he does and that you should be sure to let him know that.


Brian G.

Just wanted to let all know that the class went very well and I RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY for all future individuals who may want to attain their trainer classification. VERY GOOD CLASS.


Jerry Lerouge, 911 Safety Services

I appreciate EMS and all the staff so much.

I cannot speak more highly or feel more proud, then to be an Instructor with such a great company.

When I teach courses, Instructor or otherwise, I consistently get told by students that have taken courses before from other companies, that the EMS course is the best course they have ever taken.

Your materials are bar none, the best the Industry has to offer.

I look back from when I first started as an EMS Instructor 12 years ago and I look at how much I have grown as an Instructor. All I can say is thank you Rob, You have helped mold me into the Instructor I have become. I consider you and will always consider you my mentor. So for this, I say thank You!

Not coming from a healthcare background, I have had to work harder to learn.  I have always strived to be the best that I can be in everything I do. Being an EMS Instructor has been no different.

I will tell you Rob, the greatest joy that comes from being an EMS Instructor, is not the praises I get on a course evaluation, but a student calling me up and thanking me for teaching them how to save a life. Their child, wife, husband, sister, brother, is alive, because they knew what to do and they saved a life. I cannot put a price on that. That I why I do what I do.

Being an EMS Instructor has allowed me to be the best at what I do, because EMS puts out, nothing but the best. As in any profession, a craftsman is only able to do perform the best at what he does, if he has the best tools and materials for the Job. EMS provides the best tools and materials for the Instructor to enable them to be the best they can be.


Tracy Schmidt – Safety Compliance Officer

My name is Tracy Schmidt. I’m the Safety and Compliance Officer for Custom Interface Inc. I just finished the CPR/First Aid Instructor Training course With the EMS Safety Instructor Trainer.

First a little background here:
For the last year Custom interface has had bad communication, horrible training and production time wasted on just the steps of having employees truly CPR/First Aid certified. Our last instructor offended and insulted students for 8 hours. We then decided to get training on our own to teach our employees. With several attempts to go through Red Cross for instructor training and horrible response time if any response at all, then stated shopping around for other options. One Email to Matt With No expectations, I received a call. This was several months ago, before the Spokane Wa. class. To shorten this a bit, Matt kept in touch over the months informing me of option and classes. Not one time did he seem pushy, rude or annoying. He had great information. Each time I sent him an email, he quickly got back to myself and our purchasing department. This is a very important point to make. With the bad luck we have had in the past, it was so nice to have follow through.

Myself and my co-worker Scott Luth participated in this class which was an amazing experience. Matt referred to all of us by name right from the start. He was friendly, Professional, entertaining and made a long information fill weekend fun and interesting. Matt teaches as if he loves what he does. I can’t stress enough on how much I appreciate being apart of this class. I look forward to using the same approach Matt used to teach us. Scott and I walked out gaining so much more then just the basics. The price of the class was great, but with that in mind, the “you get what you pay for” saying lingers in your head. We got got more then what we paid for. You have a great instructor on your hands. I wish you could really understand the full impact this class has had on us and how thankful we are to have had the opportunity to be apart of Matt’s class.