Become an EMS Safety Select Instructor

EMS Safety is recruiting instructors to become a certified EMS Safety Select Instructor for our Corporate Care program. Through this program, EMS Safety will pay each Select Instructor to teach CPR, AED and First Aid courses to organizations across the country. EMS Safety will provide the student workbooks and certification cards. All you have to do is show up with your manikins and AED trainers and do what you do best: teach!

To become a Select Instructor, you must:

Currently EMS Safety is in the process of reviewing and updating the procedure for becoming a select instructor.  If you are interested in teaching for EMS Safety, please follow the current process and we’ll contact you when new applicants are being accepted.

  • Be currently certified as an EMS Safety Instructor and be in good standing (No warnings, citations, training violations or permanent prepayment status)
    • To become an EMS Safety Instructor, please click here.
  • Have training manikins and AED training units
  • Successfully pass a Select Instructor Exam with a grade of 90% or better

Once you have completed the exam, we will contact you to complete the final paperwork and upgrade your instructor credential to include Select Instructor. There is no fee associated with becoming a Select Instructor.

EMS Safety Instructor
What to Expect

EMS Safety coordinates with organizations across the country and establishes the classes, including securing the location and the students. When an opportunity is available near you, our scheduling team will contact you with a date and location. We will send all training materials to the location, including course documentation, student workbooks and certification cards. You simply show up to the class with your equipment and teach. Once all required paperwork is submitted, we will provide compensation and notify you when another opportunity becomes available.

For questions and comments, please contact