First Aid and CPR Instructor Training

For over 25 years EMS Safety has been providing OSHA-compliant emergency care training programs to workplace and community Instructors around the country.

Become a CPR Instructor

How much does it cost to become a CPR and First Aid Instructor?

Attend a CPR and First Aid Instructor course for $375.00

What do I need to know before I attend a CPR and First Aid Instructor course?

You need to be currently certified in CPR or First Aid.

Is the CPR Instructor course online or in person?

The course is in person. There are courses around the country to choose from.

Is the Instructor course difficult to pass? I do not like public speaking.

The 16-hour course covers a lot of information, but also gives you plenty of time to practice speaking in front of your small group. You will find that the time flies, and you will be astounded at the amount of information that is packed into the 2 days.


The most important thing you can do to prepare for an Instructor course is to refresh your CPR skills.


Everyone is nervous initially. Instructors find that the more familiar they are with the course materials and content, the less nervous they are.


We provide LOTS of resources to help Instructors get comfortable teaching.


Is EMS Safety part of or approved by the American Heart Association?

No, the American Heart Association does not approve training programs.


EMS Safety and other national training organizations all follow ILCOR (International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation) guidelines for CPR and First Aid. The CPR Instructor certification you receive after the course is through EMS Safety Services.


The American Heart Association and American Red Cross are training organizations, just like EMS Safety. We all teach the same information. We just package it differently.

If you are a current CPR Instructor through another nationally-recognized organization, you qualify to Grandfather into EMS Safety. There is no need to attend the 16-hour Instructor course.

Grandfather Information

How much does it cost to grandfather (bridge, crossover) into EMS Safety?

A CORE (CPR/AED/First Aid) Instructor Kit is just $150. No hidden costs, no extra fees. We believe in being transparent, and earning your business based on exceptional quality training programs and Instructor support.

How long does it take to learn how to teach with EMS Safety’s training programs?

Our Instructors are busy people, so we make it easy to get started. Between a short series of videos, an Instructor Manual that guides you step-by-step, and a Success Team to answer your questions, you will be teaching your first EMS Safety course in no time.


When you are more familiar with the training materials, you can customize your courses to your teaching style and your students’ needs.

 How are EMS Safety emergency care training programs different from others?

EMS Safety and other national training organizations all follow ILCOR (International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation) guidelines for CPR and First Aid. We all teach the same information. We just package it differently.


EMS Safety views CPR and First Aid Instructors differently from other training organizations. We know you have choices. We are here to serve you, to help you become exceptional Instructors, and to eliminate unnecessary administrative requirements.

How much do your student workbooks and certification cards cost?

Our training materials are the best value in the industry. Even better, we base your cost on how much you spend with EMS Safety. The more you teach, the less it costs for Workbooks and Cards.

Do you require hands-on skill practice with your CPR and first aid courses?

Yes. If you are looking for a program that does not require hands-on skills, EMS Safety is not the program for you. Every EMS Safety CPR and first aid course must include hands-on skill practice.

How do I grandfather into EMS Safety?

There are just 3 simple steps to become an EMS Safety CPR and First Aid Instructor. Click here to learn more.

Book a Private Instructor Course

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Become an Instructor

Ready to join the thousands of Instructors teaching EMS Safety’s award-winning CPR and First Aid training programs? Find a convenient course below.

Instructor Course Schedule

Our CPR, AED and First Aid Instructor training courses are conveniently located regionally across the nation to better provide you with a course that meets your time and location needs. Once completing one of the CPR Instructor classes listed below, you will receive your CPR Instructor certification and be able to teach CPR and First Aid classes on your own.  For further details regarding registration and requirements for our CPR, AED and Basic First Aid Instructor training courses, please contact us at (800) 215-9555 or via email at We look forward to speaking with you soon. Read Cancellation Policy.

Select a state to find what courses are scheduled:

Instructor Training Courses


MobileAugust 15/16, 2020More Info
BirminghamSeptember 12/13, 2020More Info
MobileOctober 22/23, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
BirminghamNovember 14/15, 2020More Info


AnchorageAugust 15/16, 2020More Info
AnchorageOctober 10/11, 2020More Info
FairbanksDecember 5/6, 2020More Info


FlagstaffAugust 22/23, 2020More Info
PhoenixSeptember 19/20, 2020More Info
TucsonOctober 24/25, 2020More Info
PhoenixNovember 12/13, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
MesaDecember 19/20, 2020More Info


Little RockOctober 24/25, 2020More Info
FayettevilleDecember 10/11, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info

Northern California

SacramentoAugust 15/16, 2020More Info
San FranciscoAugust 29/30, 2020More Info
OaklandSeptember 19/20, 2020More Info
SacramentoSeptember 24/25, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
ModestoOctober 3/4, 2020More Info
MontereyOctober 10/11, 2020More Info
LancasterOctober 17/18, 2020More Info
ReddingOctober 24/25, 2020More Info
Santa RosaNovember 7/8, 2020More Info
StocktonNovember 21/22, 2020More Info
ChicoDecember 5/6, 2020More Info
SacramentoDecember 10/11, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
San FranciscoDecember 19/20, 2020More Info
UkiahDecember 19/20, 2020More Info
SacramentoOctober 31/November 1, 2020More Info

Southern California

Santa BarbaraAugust 8/9, 2020More Info
BakersfieldAugust 13/14, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
IrvineAugust 20/21, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
TemeculaAugust 29/30, 2020More Info
Fresno/MaderaSeptember 12/13, 2020More Info
San BernardinoSeptember 12/13, 2020More Info
Long BeachSeptember 26/27, 2020More Info
San DiegoSeptember 26/27, 2020More Info
IrvineOctober 3/4, 2020More Info
Palm SpringsOctober 17/18, 2020More Info
Santa BarbaraOctober 24/25, 2020More Info
San DiegoNovember 5/6, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
San BernardinoNovember 7/8, 2020More Info
Los AngelesNovember 21/22, 2020More Info
BakersfieldDecember 5/6, 2020More Info
AnaheimDecember 12/13, 2020More Info
San DiegoDecember 19/20, 2020More Info
CarlsbadOctober 31/November 1, 2020More Info


Grand JunctionAugust 29/30, 2020More Info
DenverSeptember 12/13, 2020More Info
Colorado SpringsNovember 5/6, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
DenverDecember 5/6, 2020More Info


BridgeportSeptember 26/27, 2020More Info
HartfordNovember 14/15, 2020More Info


DoverAugust 15/16, 2020More Info
WilmingtonOctober 10/11, 2020More Info
DoverDecember 5/6, 2020More Info


OrlandoAugust 8/9, 2020More Info
TampaAugust 29/30, 2020More Info
MiamiSeptember 10/11, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
JacksonvilleSeptember 26/27, 2020More Info
OrlandoOctober 1/2, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
TallahasseeOctober 17/18, 2020More Info
TampaNovember 5/6, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
MiamiDecember 5/6, 2020More Info
OrlandoDecember 19/20, 2020More Info
West Palm BeachOctober 31/November 1, 2020More Info


SavannahSeptember 26/27, 2020More Info
AtlantaDecember 17/18, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
AtlantaOctober 31/November 1, 2020More Info


HonoluluOctober 3/4, 2020More Info


Twin FallsAugust 8/9, 2020More Info
BoiseAugust 20/21, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
BoiseOctober 10/11, 2020More Info
Couer d' AleneNovember 14/15, 2020More Info
Idaho FallsDecember 12/13, 2020More Info


PeoriaAugust 15/16, 2020More Info
ChicagoSeptember 26/27, 2020More Info
SpringfieldOctober 17/18, 2020More Info
ChicagoNovember 19/20, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info


IndianapolisAugust 8/9, 2020More Info
Fort WayneAugust 29/30, 2020More Info
IndianapolisSeptember 17/18, 2020More Info
EvansvilleOctober 10/11, 2020More Info
IndianapolisNovember 7/8, 2020More Info
LafayetteDecember 12/13, 2020More Info


Des MoinesAugust 29/30, 2020More Info
Sioux CityOctober 31/November 1, 2020More Info


WichitaSeptember 19/20, 2020More Info
Overland ParkNovember 7/8, 2020More Info


LouisvilleAugust 22/23, 2020More Info
Bowling GreenOctober 17/18, 2020More Info
LouisvilleNovember 21/22, 2020More Info


New OrleansAugust 6/7, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
Baton RougeSeptember 19/20, 2020More Info
ShreveportOctober 15/16, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
New OrleansDecember 5/6, 2020More Info


PortlandOctober 3/4, 2020More Info
AugustaDecember 5/6, 2020More Info

Maryland / Washington DC

Washington DCAugust 20/21, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
BaltimoreSeptember 19/20, 2020More Info
Washington DCOctober 24/25, 2020More Info
BaltimoreNovember 19/20, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
Washington DCDecember 12/13, 2020More Info


BostonAugust 27/28, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
WorcesterOctober 17/18, 2020More Info
BostonNovember 21/22, 2020More Info


LansingAugust 29/30, 2020More Info
Grand RapidsOctober 3/4, 2020More Info
DetroitNovember 14/15, 2020More Info
LansingDecember 3/4, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info


MinneapolisOctober 3/4, 2020More Info
DeluthNovember 7/8, 2020More Info
MinneapolisDecember 12/13, 2020More Info


JacksonAugust 15/16, 2020More Info
GulfportOctober 17/18, 2020More Info
JacksonDecember 19/20, 2020More Info


St. LouisSeptember 10/11, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
St. LouisNovember 21/22, 2020More Info
SpringfieldOctober 31/November 1, 2020More Info


MissoulaAugust 8/9, 2020More Info
BillingsAugust 22/23, 2020More Info
Great FallsSeptember 12/13, 2020More Info
BozemanOctober 15/16, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
MissoulaOctober 24/25, 2020More Info
BillingsDecember 5/6, 2020More Info


OmahaSeptember 26/27, 2020More Info
LincolnNovember 14/15, 2020More Info


RenoAugust 22/23, 2020More Info
Las VegasSeptember 19/20, 2020More Info
RenoOctober 17/18, 2020More Info
Las VegasNovember 12/13, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info

New Hampshire

ManchesterNovember 7/8, 2020More Info

New Jersey

NewarkSeptember 12/13, 2020More Info
TrentonOctober 31/November 1, 2020More Info

New Mexico

AlbuquerqueAugust 15/16, 2020More Info
Santa FeOctober 8/9, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
AlbuquerqueDecember 19/20, 2020More Info

New York

AlbanyAugust 22/23, 2020More Info
BuffaloSeptember 17/18, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
New YorkOctober 10/11, 2020More Info
SyracuseNovember 14/15, 2020More Info
New YorkDecember 3/4, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info

North Carolina

RaleighAugust 6/7, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
CharlotteAugust 29/30, 2020More Info
GreensboroSeptember 12/13, 2020More Info
RaleighOctober 17/18, 2020More Info
FayettevilleNovember 21/22, 2020More Info
RaleighDecember 19/20, 2020More Info
CharlotteOctober 31/November 1, 2020More Info

North Dakota

FargoSeptember 19/20, 2020More Info
BismarckOctober 3/4, 2020More Info
FargoNovember 7/8, 2020More Info
BismarckDecember 3/4, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info


ColumbusAugust 27/28, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
ToledoSeptember 19/20, 2020More Info
ColumbusOctober 10/11, 2020More Info
ClevelandOctober 29/30, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
CincinnatiNovember 21/22, 2020More Info
ColumbusDecember 17/18, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info


TulsaSeptember 26/27, 2020More Info
Oklahoma CityNovember 21/22, 2020More Info


SalemSeptember 12/13, 2020More Info
EugeneSeptember 17/18, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
BendOctober 3/4, 2020More Info
PortlandNovember 14/15, 2020More Info


ErieAugust 8/9, 2020More Info
PhiladelphiaSeptember 10/11, 2020More Info
PittsburghSeptember 26/27, 2020More Info
HarrisburgOctober 24/25, 2020More Info
PhiladelphiaNovember 12/13, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
PittsburghDecember 5/6, 2020More Info
PhiladelphiaDecember 19/20, 2020More Info

Puerto Rico


Rhode Island

ProvidenceOctober 3/4, 2020More Info

South Carolina

ColumbiaSeptember 19/20, 2020More Info
CharlestonOctober 24/25, 2020More Info
GreenvilleNovember 14/15, 2020More Info
ColumbiaDecember 17/18, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info

South Dakota

Sioux FallsSeptember 12/13, 2020More Info
Rapid CitySeptember 17/18, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
Rapid CityDecember 5/6, 2020More Info


KnoxvilleAugust 22/23, 2020More Info
NashvilleSeptember 26/27, 2020More Info
NashvilleDecember 12/13, 2020More Info
MemphisOctober 31/November 1, 2020More Info


DallasAugust 8/9, 2020More Info
El PasoAugust 22/23, 2020More Info
HoustonSeptember 19/20, 2020More Info
AmarilloSeptember 24/25, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
AustinOctober 3/4, 2020More Info
DallasOctober 24/25, 2020More Info
HoustonNovember 7/8, 2020More Info
Corpus ChristiNovember 19/20, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
AustinDecember 5/6, 2020More Info
DallasDecember 10/11, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
HoustonDecember 19/20, 2020More Info


Salt Lake CityAugust 22/23, 2020More Info
ProvoOctober 3/4, 2020More Info
Salt Lake CityOctober 29/30, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
St. GeorgeDecember 12/13, 2020More Info


MontpelierAugust 8/9, 2020More Info
MontpelierOctober 24/25, 2020More Info


RichmondAugust 15/16, 2020More Info
Virginia BeachSeptember 26/27, 2020More Info
RichmondOctober 8/9, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
RoanokeNovember 7/8, 2020More Info
Virginia BeachDecember 12/13, 2020More Info


SeattleAugust 6/7, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
SpokaneSeptember 12/13, 2020More Info
SeattleOctober 10/11, 2020More Info
TacomaNovember 14/15, 2020More Info

West Virginia

HuntingtonSeptember 12/13, 2020More Info
MorgantownNovember 7/8, 2020More Info


MilwaukeeAugust 29/30, 2020More Info
Green BaySeptember 12/13, 2020More Info
MadisonOctober 10/11, 2020More Info
MilwaukeeDecember 19/20, 2020More Info


Rock SpringsAugust 13/14, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
CheyenneOctober 17/18, 2020More Info
CasperNovember 21/22, 2020More Info