First Aid and CPR Instructor Training

For over 25 years EMS Safety has been providing OSHA-compliant emergency care training programs to workplace and community Instructors around the country.

Become a CPR Instructor

How much does it cost to become a CPR and First Aid Instructor?

Attend a CPR and First Aid Instructor course for $375.00

What do I need to know before I attend a CPR and First Aid Instructor course?

You need to be currently certified in CPR or First Aid.

Is the CPR Instructor course online or in person?

The course is in person. There are courses around the country to choose from.

Is the Instructor course difficult to pass? I do not like public speaking.

The 16-hour course covers a lot of information, but also gives you plenty of time to practice speaking in front of your small group. You will find that the time flies, and you will be astounded at the amount of information that is packed into the 2 days.


The most important thing you can do to prepare for an Instructor course is to refresh your CPR skills.


Everyone is nervous initially. Instructors find that the more familiar they are with the course materials and content, the less nervous they are.


We provide LOTS of resources to help Instructors get comfortable teaching.


Is EMS Safety part of or approved by the American Heart Association?

No, the American Heart Association does not approve training programs.


EMS Safety and other national training organizations all follow ILCOR (International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation) guidelines for CPR and First Aid. The CPR Instructor certification you receive after the course is through EMS Safety Services.


The American Heart Association and American Red Cross are training organizations, just like EMS Safety. We all teach the same information. We just package it differently.

If you are a current CPR Instructor through another nationally-recognized organization, you qualify to Grandfather into EMS Safety. There is no need to attend the 16-hour Instructor course.

Grandfather Information

How much does it cost to grandfather (bridge, crossover) into EMS Safety?

A CORE (CPR/AED/First Aid) Instructor Kit is just $150. No hidden costs, no extra fees. We believe in being transparent, and earning your business based on exceptional quality training programs and Instructor support.

How long does it take to learn how to teach with EMS Safety’s training programs?

Our Instructors are busy people, so we make it easy to get started. Between a short series of videos, an Instructor Manual that guides you step-by-step, and a Success Team to answer your questions, you will be teaching your first EMS Safety course in no time.


When you are more familiar with the training materials, you can customize your courses to your teaching style and your students’ needs.

 How are EMS Safety emergency care training programs different from others?

EMS Safety and other national training organizations all follow ILCOR (International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation) guidelines for CPR and First Aid. We all teach the same information. We just package it differently.


EMS Safety views CPR and First Aid Instructors differently from other training organizations. We know you have choices. We are here to serve you, to help you become exceptional Instructors, and to eliminate unnecessary administrative requirements.

How much do your student workbooks and certification cards cost?

Our training materials are the best value in the industry. Even better, we base your cost on how much you spend with EMS Safety. The more you teach, the less it costs for Workbooks and Cards.

Do you require hands-on skill practice with your CPR and first aid courses?

Yes. If you are looking for a program that does not require hands-on skills, EMS Safety is not the program for you. Every EMS Safety CPR and first aid course must include hands-on skill practice.

How do I grandfather into EMS Safety?

There are just 3 simple steps to become an EMS Safety CPR and First Aid Instructor. Click here to learn more.

Book a Private Instructor Course

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Become an Instructor

Ready to join the thousands of Instructors teaching EMS Safety’s award-winning CPR and First Aid training programs? Find a convenient course below.

Instructor Course Schedule

Our CPR, AED and First Aid Instructor training courses are conveniently located regionally across the nation to better provide you with a course that meets your time and location needs. Once completing one of the CPR Instructor classes listed below, you will receive your CPR Instructor certification and be able to teach CPR and First Aid classes on your own.  For further details regarding registration and requirements for our CPR, AED and Basic First Aid Instructor training courses, please contact us at (800) 215-9555 or via email at We look forward to speaking with you soon. Read Cancellation Policy.

Select a state to find what courses are scheduled:

Instructor Training Courses


MobileApril 25/26, 2020 More Info


AnchorageApril 30/May 1, 2020 More Info


TucsonFebruary 8/9, 2020 More Info
PhoenixMarch 5/6, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
FlagstaffApril 25/26, 2020 More Info
PhoenixMay 9/10, 2020 More Info


FayettevilleMarch 28/29, 2020More Info
Little RockMay 30/31, 2020 More Info

Northern California

ReddingFebruary 1/2, 2020 More Info
Monterey/SalinasFebruary 8/9, 2020 More Info
StocktonFebruary 15/16, 2020 More Info
Santa RosaFebruary 22/23, 2020 More Info
SacramentoFebruary 27/28, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
Fresno/MaderaMarch 7/8, 2020More Info
San JoseMarch 14/15, 2020More Info
UkiahApril 4/5, 2020 More Info
ModestoApril 4/5, 2020 More Info
SacramentoApril 18/19, 2020 More Info
San FranciscoMay 9/10, 2020 More Info
Fresno/MaderaMay 30/31, 2020 More Info
Santa RosaMay 30/31, 2020 More Info

Southern California

San DiegoJanuary 30/31, 2020 More Info
BakersfieldFebruary 1/2, 2020 More Info
San BernardinoFebruary 6/7, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
Long BeachFebruary 22/23, 2020 More Info
Los AngelesMarch 7/8, 2020More Info
Palm SpringsMarch 21/22, 2020More Info
San DiegoMarch 28/29, 2020More Info
Los AngelesApril 2/3, 2020 More Info
San DiegoApril 18/19, 2020 More Info
IrvineApril 25/26, 2020 More Info
Santa BarbaraApril 25/26, 2020 More Info
San BernardinoMay 2/3, 2020 More Info
LancasterMay 2/3, 2020 More Info
CarlsbadMay 16/17, 2020 More Info


DenverFebruary 1/2, 2020 More Info
Fort CollinsMarch 7/8, 2020More Info
DenverApril 23/24, 2020 More Info


HartfordMarch 28/29, 2020More Info
BridgeportMay 16/17, 2020 More Info


WilmingtonFebruary 1/2, 2020 More Info
DoverApril 4/5, 2020 More Info


MiamiFebruary 22/23, 2020 More Info
OrlandoFebruary 29/March 1, 2020More Info
TampaMarch 5/6, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
TallahasseeMarch 21/22, 2020More Info
OrlandoApril 2/3, 2020 More Info
MiamiApril 18/19, 2020 More Info
TampaMay 2/3, 2020 More Info
JacksonvilleMay 14/15, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
West Palm BeachMay 30/31, 2020 More Info


SavannahFebruary 15/16, 2020 More Info
AtlantaMarch 14/15, 2020More Info
AtlantaMay 9/10, 2020 More Info


MauiMarch 28/29, 2020More Info


Idaho FallsMarch 28/29, 2020More Info
Coeur d' AleneApril 18/19, 2020 More Info
BoiseMay 16/17, 2020 More Info


PeoriaFebruary 15/16, 2020 More Info
ChicagoMarch 12/13, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
SpringfieldApril 4/5, 2020 More Info
ChicagoMay 2/3, 2020 More Info


IndianapolisJanuary 30/31, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
Fort WayneFort Wayne | February 29 - March 1, 2020More Info
IndianapolisMarch 7/8, 2020More Info
EvansvilleApril 4/5, 2020 More Info
IndianapolisMay 2/3, 2020 More Info


Cedar RapidsFebruary 22/23, 2020 More Info
Sioux CityApril 4/5, 2020 More Info


WichitaMarch 14/15, 2020More Info
SalinaMay 30/31, 2020 More Info


LouisvilleFebruary 1/2, 2020 More Info
Bowling GreenMarch 21/22, 2020More Info
LouisvilleMay 16/17, 2020 More Info


Baton RougeFebruary 22/23, 2020 More Info
New OrleansApril 18/19, 2020 More Info


AugustaFebruary 1/2, 2020 More Info
PortlandApril 25/26, 2020 More Info

Maryland / Washington DC

Washington DCFebruary 8/9, 2020 More Info
BaltimoreMarch 7/8, 2020More Info
Washington DCApril 16/17, 2020 More Info
BaltimoreMay 9/10, 2020 More Info


WorcesterMarch 14/15, 2020More Info
BostonMay 2/3, 2020 More Info


Grand RapidsFebruary 29/March 1, 2020More Info
LansingMarch 28/29, 2020More Info
DetroitApril 23/24, 2020 More Info
Grand RapidsMay 30/31, 2020 More Info


MinneapolisFebruary 6/7, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
RochesterApril 18/19, 2020 More Info


GulfportFebruary 8/9, 2020 More Info
JacksonApril 25/26, 2020 More Info


St. LouisFebruary 15/16, 2020 More Info
Kansas CityFebruary 27/28, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
SpringfieldMarch 21/22, 2020More Info
Kansas CityApril 25/26, 2020 More Info
ColumbiaMay 9/10, 2020 More Info


BozemanFebruary 29/March 1, 2020More Info
HelenaMarch 19/20, 2020 | Weekday CourseMore Info
Great FallsApril 18/19, 2020 More Info


LincolnMarch 7/8, 2020More Info
OmahaMay 16/17, 2020 More Info


RenoFebruary 8/9, 2020 More Info
Las VegasMarch 14/15, 2020More Info
Las VegasMay 7/8, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info

New Hampshire

ManchesterMarch 21/22, 2020More Info
ManchesterMay 30/31, 2020 More Info

New Jersey

TrentonFebruary 15/16, 2020 More Info
NewarkMarch 26/27, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
Atlantic CityApril 18/19, 2020 More Info
NewarkMay 30/31, 2020 More Info

New Mexico

Santa FeMarch 14/15, 2020More Info
AlbuquerqueApril 16/17, 2020 More Info

New York

New YorkMarch 5/6, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
AlbanyMarch 7/8, 2020More Info
BuffaloApril 18/19, 2020 More Info
New YorkMay 2/3, 2020 More Info

North Carolina

RaleighJanuary 30/31, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
CharlotteFebruary 15/16, 2020 More Info
GreensboroMarch 14/15, 2020More Info
RaleighApril 4/5, 2020 More Info
CharlotteMay 16/17, 2020 More Info

North Dakota

FargoFebruary 1/2, 2020 More Info
BismarckMarch 28/29, 2020More Info
Grand ForksMay 2/3, 2020 More Info


ColumbusFebruary 6/7, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
DaytonFebruary 15/16, 2020 More Info
CincinnatiFebruary 15/16, 2020More Info
ClevelandMarch 7/8, 2020More Info
ColumbusApril 4/5, 2020 More Info
CincinnatiMay 9/10, 2020 More Info
ToledoMay 30/31, 2020 More Info


Oklahoma CityMarch 19/20, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
TulsaMay 9/10, 2020 More Info


PortlandFebruary 20/21, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
EugeneApril 18/19, 2020 More Info
PortlandMay 16/17, 2020 More Info


ErieFebruary 22/23, 2020 More Info
PhiladelphiaMarch 14/15, 2020More Info
PittsburghMarch 28/29, 2020More Info
HarrisburgApril 18/19, 2020 More Info
PhiladelphiaMay 7/8, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info

Puerto Rico


Rhode Island

ProvidenceFebruary 29/March 1, 2020More Info

South Carolina

CharlestonFebruary 1/2, 2020 More Info
GreenvilleMarch 28/29, 2020More Info
ColumbiaApril 25/26, 2020 More Info

South Dakota

Rapid CityFebruary 29/March 1, 2020More Info
Sioux FallsApril 25/26, 2020 More Info


MemphisMay 2/3, 2020 More Info


DallasFebruary 8/9, 2020 More Info
San AntonioFebruary 22/23, 2020 More Info
AmarilloMarch 7/8, 2020More Info
HoustonMarch 21/22, 2020More Info
El PasoMarch 26/27, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
San AntonioApril 18/19, 2020 More Info
DallasApril 30/May 1, 2020 More Info
AustinMay 2/3, 2020 More Info
San AntonioMay 30/31, 2020 More Info


Salt Lake CityFebruary 20/21, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
Salt Lake CityMay 16/17, 2020 More Info


MontpelierFebruary 22/23, 2020 More Info
MontpelierApril 25/26, 2020 More Info


Virginia BeachFebruary 8/9, 2020 More Info
RoanokeMarch 21/22, 2020More Info
Virginia BeachApril 23/24, 2020 More Info
RichmondMay 9/10, 2020 More Info


SeattleFebruary 1/2, 2020 More Info
SpokaneFebruary 15/16, 2020More Info
TacomaMarch 26/27, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info
SpokaneApril 25/26, 2020 More Info
SeattleMay 9/10, 2020 More Info

West Virginia

HuntingtonMarch 21/22, 2020More Info
MorgantownMay 16/17, 2020 More Info


Green BayMarch 21/22, 2020More Info
MadisonMay 30/31, 2020 More Info


CasperFebruary 22/23, 2020 More Info
Rock SpringsApril 4/5, 2020 More Info
CheyenneMay 14/15, 2020 | WEEKDAY COURSEMore Info