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First Aid and CPR Instructor Training

For over 25 years EMS Safety has been providing OSHA-compliant emergency care training programs to workplace and community Instructors around the country.

Become a CPR Instructor

How much does it cost to become a CPR and First Aid Instructor?

Attend a CPR and First Aid Instructor course for $375.00

What do I need to know before I attend a CPR and First Aid Instructor course?

You need to be currently certified in CPR or First Aid.

Is the CPR Instructor course online or in person?

The course is in person. There are courses around the country to choose from.

Is the Instructor course difficult to pass? I do not like public speaking.

The 16-hour course covers a lot of information, but also gives you plenty of time to practice speaking in front of your small group. You will find that the time flies, and you will be astounded at the amount of information that is packed into the 2 days.


The most important thing you can do to prepare for an Instructor course is to refresh your CPR skills.


Everyone is nervous initially. Instructors find that the more familiar they are with the course materials and content, the less nervous they are.


We provide LOTS of resources to help Instructors get comfortable teaching.


Is EMS Safety part of or approved by the American Heart Association?

No, the American Heart Association does not approve training programs.


EMS Safety and other national training organizations all follow ILCOR (International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation) guidelines for CPR and First Aid. The CPR Instructor certification you receive after the course is through EMS Safety Services.


The American Heart Association and American Red Cross are training organizations, just like EMS Safety. We all teach the same information. We just package it differently.

If you are a current CPR Instructor through another nationally-recognized organization, you qualify to Grandfather into EMS Safety. There is no need to attend the 16-hour Instructor course.

Grandfather Information

How much does it cost to grandfather (bridge, crossover) into EMS Safety?

A CORE (CPR/AED/First Aid) Instructor Kit is just $150. No hidden costs, no extra fees. We believe in being transparent, and earning your business based on exceptional quality training programs and Instructor support.

How long does it take to learn how to teach with EMS Safety’s training programs?

Our Instructors are busy people, so we make it easy to get started. Between a short series of videos, an Instructor Manual that guides you step-by-step, and a Success Team to answer your questions, you will be teaching your first EMS Safety course in no time.


When you are more familiar with the training materials, you can customize your courses to your teaching style and your students’ needs.

 How are EMS Safety emergency care training programs different from others?

EMS Safety and other national training organizations all follow ILCOR (International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation) guidelines for CPR and First Aid. We all teach the same information. We just package it differently.


EMS Safety views CPR and First Aid Instructors differently from other training organizations. We know you have choices. We are here to serve you, to help you become exceptional Instructors, and to eliminate unnecessary administrative requirements.

How much do your student workbooks and certification cards cost?

Our training materials are the best value in the industry. Even better, we base your cost on how much you spend with EMS Safety. The more you teach, the less it costs for Workbooks and Cards.

Do you require hands-on skill practice with your CPR and first aid courses?

Yes. If you are looking for a program that does not require hands-on skills, EMS Safety is not the program for you. Every EMS Safety CPR and first aid course must include hands-on skill practice.

How do I grandfather into EMS Safety?

There are just 3 simple steps to become an EMS Safety CPR and First Aid Instructor. Click here to learn more.

Book a Private Instructor Course

Have a group of 3 or more and a location for the Instructor Course? We can come to you. Complete the form by clicking the button below for more information on setting up a Private Instructor Course.

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Become an Instructor

Ready to join the thousands of Instructors teaching EMS Safety’s award-winning CPR and First Aid training programs? Find a convenient course below.

Instructor Course Schedule

Our CPR, AED and First Aid Instructor training courses are conveniently located regionally, across the nation, to better provide you with a course that meets your time and location needs. Once completing one of the CPR Instructor classes listed below, you will receive your CPR Instructor certification and be able to teach CPR and First Aid classes on your own.  For further details regarding registration and requirements for our CPR, AED and First Aid Instructor training courses, please contact us at (800) 215-9555 or via email at We look forward to speaking with you soon. Read Cancellation Policy.

Select a state to find what courses are scheduled:


Birmingham September 22/23, 2018Sign Up
Birmingham October 27/28, 2018Sign Up
Mobile November 3/4, 2018Sign Up
Montgomery December 1/2, 2018Sign Up
Birmingham February 9/10, 2019Sign Up


Anchorage October 13/14, 2018Sign Up
Anchorage February 2/3, 2019Sign Up


Tempe September 22/23, 2018Sign Up
Mesa December 1/2, 2018Sign Up
Phoenix January 12/13, 2019Sign Up
TucsonFebruary 9/10, 2019
Sign Up


Fayetteville September 29/30, 2018Sign Up
Little Rock December 1/2, 2018Sign Up
Little Rock
February 16/17, 2019
Sign Up

Northern California

Berkley September 22/23, 2018Sign Up
Sacramento September 29/30, 2018Sign Up
San Jose October 13/14, 2018Sign Up
San Francisco October 27/28, 2018Sign Up
Stockton November 17/18, 2018Sign Up
Redding December 1/2, 2018Sign Up
Fresno / Madera December 1/2, 2018Sign Up
Sacramento December 6/7, 2018 | WEEKDAY COURSESign Up
Palo Alto December 8/9, 2018Sign Up
Santa Rosa December 15/16, 2018Sign Up
San FranciscoJanuary 19/20, 2019Sign Up
SacramentoJanuary 26/27, 2019Sign Up
Santa Rosa February 9/10, 2019Sign Up
Stockton February 14/15, 2019 | WEEKDAY COURSESign Up
Redding February 16/17, 2019Sign Up
Monterey / Salinas February 23/24, 2019Sign Up

Southern California

Irvine September 20/21, 2018 | WEEKDAY COURSESign Up
Bakersfield October 20/21, 2018Sign Up
Culver City October 6/7, 2018Sign Up
San Diego October 13/14, 2018Sign Up
Long Beach October 20/21, 2018Sign Up
Los Angeles November 3/4, 2018Sign Up
San Bernardino November 10/11, 2018Sign Up
Santa Ana November 17/18, 2018Sign Up
Palm Springs December 1/2, 2018Sign Up
Santa Barbara December 8/9, 2018Sign Up
San Diego December 15/16, 2018Sign Up
Los AngelesJanuary 12/13, 2019Sign Up
AnaheimJanuary 17/18, 2019 | WEEKDAY COURSESign Up
San DiegoJanuary 26/27, 2019Sign Up
Bakersfield February 2/3, 2019Sign Up
Long Beach February 16/17, 2019Sign Up


DenverSeptember 22/23, 2018Sign Up
Colorado Spring October 20/21, 2018Sign Up
Denver December 1/2, 2018Sign Up
Grand Junction January 19/20, 2019Sign Up


Bridgeport October 6/7, 2018Sign Up
Hartford December 15/16, 2018Sign Up
February 16/17, 2019
Sign Up


Wilmington October 13/14, 2018Sign Up
Dover December 15/16, 2018Sign Up
February 16/17, 2019
Sign Up


JacksonvilleSeptember 29/30, 2018Sign Up
Orlando October 6/7, 2018Sign Up
West Palm Beach November 3/4, 2018Sign Up
Tampa December 8/9, 2018Sign Up
Jacksonville January 12/13, 2019Sign Up
West Palm BeachJanuary 10/11, 2019 | WEEKDAY COURSESign Up
February 2/3, 2019
Sign Up


Savannah November 10/11, 2018Sign Up
Atlanta December 15/16, 2018Sign Up
Savannah January 26/27, 2019Sign Up
February 23/24, 2019
Sign Up


Honolulu October 6/7, 2018Sign Up
Honolulu January 12/13, 2019Sign Up


Boise October 13/14, 2018Sign Up
Boise January 26/27, 2019Sign Up


Chicago September 22/23, 2018Sign Up
Springfield November 17/18, 2018Sign Up
Chicago January 12/13, 2019Sign Up


Evansville November 3/4, 2018Sign Up
Indianapolis November 17/18, 2018Sign Up
Fort Wayne December 1/2, 2018Sign Up
Indianapolis January 26/27, 2019Sign Up
Fort Wayne
February 23/24, 2019
Sign Up


Sioux City October 13/14, 2018Sign Up
Des Moines December 15/16, 2018Sign Up
Cedar Rapids
February 2/3, 2019
Sign Up


Wichita November 3/4, 2018Sign Up
Overland Park January 5/6, 2019Sign Up


Louisville October 27/28, 2018Sign Up
Bowling Green December 8/9, 2018Sign Up
Louisville February 2/3, 2019Sign Up


Shreveport September 29/30, 2018Sign Up
Baton Rouge October 20/21, 2018Sign Up
New Orleans December 15/16, 2018Sign Up
Shreveport January 19/20, 2019Sign Up


Portland October 27/28, 2018Sign Up
Augusta December 15/16, 2018Sign Up
Portland February 9/10, 2019Sign Up

Maryland / Washington DC

Baltimore September 20/21, 2018 | WEEKDAY COURSESign Up
Washington DC October 27/28, 2018Sign Up
Baltimore November 15/16, 2018 | WEEKDAY COURSESign Up
Washington DC December 8/9, 2018Sign Up
Baltimore January 26/27, 2019Sign Up


Boston September 29/30, 2018Sign Up
Springfield November 10/11, 2018Sign Up
Boston January 19/20, 2019Sign Up


Lansing November 17/18, 2018Sign Up
Grand Rapids December 8/9, 2018Sign Up
Detroit February 2/3, 2019Sign Up


Duluth October 13/14, 2018Sign Up
Minneapolis November 3/4, 2018Sign Up
Minneapolis February 9/10, 2019Sign Up


Gulfport October 6/7, 2018Sign Up
Jackson December 8/9, 2018Sign Up
Gulfport January 5/6, 2019Sign Up


Kansas City November 17/18, 2018Sign Up
St. Louis February 16/17, 2019Sign Up


Great Falls September 22/23, 2018Sign Up
Billings November 3/4, 2018Sign Up
MissoulaJanuary 19/20, 2019Sign Up


Omaha November 10/11, 2018Sign Up
LincolnFebruary 23/24, 2019Sign Up


Reno October 27/28, 2018Sign Up
Las Vegas November 17/18, 2018Sign Up
Reno December 1/2, 2018Sign Up
Las Vegas January 5/6, 2019Sign Up
Las Vegas February 23/24, 2019Sign Up

New Hampshire

Manchester December 8/9, 2018Sign Up

New Jersey

Newark October 20/21, 2018Sign Up
Atlantic City December 1/2, 2018Sign Up
Newark February 23/24, 2019Sign Up

New Mexico

Albuquerque October 6/7, 2018Sign Up
Santa FeDecember 8/9, 2018Sign Up
Albuquerque January 26/27, 2019Sign Up

New York

Albany October 27/28, 2018Sign Up
New York City November 10/11, 2018Sign Up
Buffalo November 17/18, 2018Sign Up
New York City February 2/3, 2019Sign Up

North Carolina

Raleigh September 29/30, 2018Sign Up
FayettevilleOctober 6/7, 2018Sign Up
Charlotte October 27/28, 2018Sign Up
Raleigh November 8/9, 2018 | WEEKDAY COURSESign Up
Greensboro December 8/9, 2018Sign Up
Charlotte January 5/6, 2019Sign Up
Raleigh February 9/10, 2019Sign Up

North Dakota

Fargo November 3/4, 2018Sign Up
Grand Forks December 8/9, 2018Sign Up


Cincinnati September 22/23, 2018Sign Up
Cleveland October 13/14, 2018Sign Up
Columbus October 27/28, 2018Sign Up
Dayton November 17/18, 2018Sign Up
Columbus December 13/14, 2018Sign Up
Cleveland January 12/13, 2019Sign Up
Columbus February 9/10, 2019Sign Up


Tulsa October 20/21, 2018Sign Up
Oklahoma City December 15/16, 2018Sign Up
Tulsa February 9/10, 2019Sign Up


Medford October 20/21, 2018Sign Up
Portland October 18/19, 2018 | WEEKDAY COURSESign Up
Salem November 3/4, 2018Sign Up
Portland December 8/9, 2018Sign Up
Portland December 8/9, 2018Sign Up
Salem January 5/6, 2019Sign Up


Harrisburg September 20/21, 2018 | WEEKDAY COURSESign Up
Philadelphia October 6/7, 2018Sign Up
AllentownNovember 17/18, 2018Sign Up
Pittsburgh December 8/9, 2018Sign Up
Philadelphia January 19/20, 2019Sign Up
ErieFebruary 16/17, 2019Sign Up

Rhode Island

Warwick October 21/22, 2018Sign Up
Providence December 1/2, 2018Sign Up
Providence January 26/27, 2019Sign Up

South Carolina

Charleston October 6/7, 2018Sign Up
Greenville December 1/2, 2018Sign Up
Charleston January 12/13, 2019Sign Up

South Dakota

Rapid City October 13/14, 2018Sign Up
Sioux Falls December 1/2, 2018Sign Up
Rapid City February 23/24, 2019Sign Up


Memphis October 20/21, 2018Sign Up
Nashville November 10/11, 2018Sign Up
Chattanooga December 15/16, 2018Sign Up
NashvilleJanuary 12/13, 2019Sign Up


Dallas October 6/7, 2018Sign Up
AustinOctober 6/7, 2018Sign Up
Houston November 3/4, 2018Sign Up
San Antonio November 17/18, 2018Sign Up
Dallas December 13/14, 2018Sign Up
Corpus ChristiJanuary 5/6, 2019Sign Up
Houston January 19/20, 2019Sign Up
Dallas February 2/3, 2019Sign Up
San Antonio February 16/17, 2019Sign Up
San Antonio February 16/17, 2019Sign Up


St. George September 29/30, 2018Sign Up
Salt Lake CityOctober 6/7, 2018Sign Up
Salt Lake CityDecember 8/9, 2018Sign Up
St. GeorgeJanuary 12/13, 2019Sign Up
Salt Lake CityFebruary 21/22, 2019 | WEEKDAY COURSESign Up


Montpelier November 17/18, 2018Sign Up
Montpelier January 19/20, 2019Sign Up


Richmond October 13/14, 2018Sign Up
Virginia BeachOctober 27/28, 2018Sign Up
Virginia Beach December 15/16, 2018Sign Up
Richmond January 5/6, 2019Sign Up


Seattle October 4/5, 2018 | WEEKDAY COURSESign Up
Spokane October 6/7, 2018Sign Up
Seattle December 8/9, 2018Sign Up
Seattle January 19/20, 2019Sign Up
Spokane February 16/17, 2019Sign Up

West Virginia

Morgantown November 10/11, 2018Sign Up
Charleston January 5/6, 2019Sign Up


Milwaukee October 27/28, 2018Sign Up
Madison December 15/16, 2018Sign Up
Milwaukee January 26/27, 2019Sign Up


Casper September 29/30, 2018Sign Up
Cheyenne December 8/9, 2018Sign Up
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