You can prevent more than 400,000 SCA-related deaths per year,

increased survival rates by as much as 70%.


Is it any surprise to learn that a safe employee is a productive employee? Probably not. You are probably also aware that employees take safety seriously when employers implement a full-time workplace safety program.

The BIG question is how low you can keep costs down?

The cost of implementation for a comprehensive OSHA-compliant workplace safety program can be expensive – as high as $100 per employee per year.

We think that’s way too high. So we learned how to implement a program for as little as $7.95 per employee**. That’s an OSHA compliant full-time and effective workplace safety program for your entire company that includes CPR/AED and Basic First Aid.

That’s more than a 90% reduction in cost for what you may be paying for your current outsourced training service.

If we can keep our costs that low, will you be more willing to invest more of your time and energy into a full-time workplace safety program?

We’re willing to bet that you will.

We’ve been training safety instructors for more than 20 years. We know how to keep costs under control while creating an effective workplace safety program – active, efficient, and effective.

Workplace safety is a hard reality no matter where you go. There are a myriad of compliance rules from federal, state and local agencies. We can simplify your compliance strategy – keep costs down – and when the time comes, you’ll save lives and prevent injuries. You’ll even see a workforce that feels safe and is more productive.

Talk to us – let us show you what 20 years of experience in workplace safety can do for your company.

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* Based on 20 years of anecdotal reports and direct interviews of clients of EMS Safety Services, Inc.

** Price per Employee for CPR/AED and First Aid Training plus Community Rescuer student workbook and certification