Private Label Workbooks

Not all businesses are run the same way and workplace response to emergencies varies from site-to-site. Why use a generic book to train when you can use a book that is customized to your needs?

EMS Safety Services offers a unique “Private Labeling” so that agencies, corporations and private businesses can teach using a customized version of the book.  Not only can the look and feel of the cover be customized, but so can some of the content inside!  You approve the cover image, the content and any other customizations you’d like to make!

Please note there is a 90 day lead time and 2500 quantity minimum for custom workbooks.

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Here are a few examples of clients who have taken advantage of private labeling offers:

Federal Aviation Administration
CPR Instructor
San Jose Fire Department
First Aid Instructor Training
Monroe Community Mental Health Authority
CPR, AED & First AID
San Diego Project Heartbeat
Basic First AID Training