Instructor Portal Instructions

Step-by-step Walk-throughs

To schedule a class or create a digital roster, start by clicking on the “Schedule Class” button in the ‘My Upcoming Classes’ section, under the My Account tab.

Schedule Class


Schedule a New Class

Create a ‘Class Name‘ for your class. This would be something to help you reference the course under the ‘My Classes’ section. It will also be displayed on the digital roster.

Complete all the required fields (marked with an *).

Course Credit Hours – This field must be completed for every class scheduled.  Some courses are eligible for continuing education units. Any courses that qualify will need to have the correct credit hours chosen here.  For more information on continuing education units, visit our CEU page.

Assisting Instructor –  If you have more than 12 students in your class, you can document the assisting EMS Safety instructor here. Start typing in their name and you will be able to select them from the list.  If your assisting instructor is not listed, please contact us.

Address – The address is the location of where the class is held.


Course Type – Select the course type that will be taught. Only courses that you are certified to teach through EMS Safety will be available to select. Once you select your course, some optional topics will become available for you to select if applicable.  Be sure to double check what optional topics will be covered in your class, as these options will be displayed on the roster and the student’s certification card.

Private Class – If you would like to have your class show up on the ‘Find a Class‘ page available to the public, leave this button unchecked.  If your class is private and you do not want it displayed publicly, be sure to check the box.

Create new class – Click the ‘Create new class’ button when everything above has been completed and you will be ready to start adding students to your class.

Now that you have scheduled your new class, you can click on the ‘Edit Roster’ button or you can click on the ‘My Classes’ tab at the top to view all the classes you have created.


Adding a Student

After clicking the “Add a Student” button, you will need to search for the student by email.

If the student’s email is in the system, click “Add to Roster” and their information will be auto populated into the course roster.

If the student’s email is not listed you will need to create a new student by clicking the “Create new Student” button.

You will then fill out the required fields for the student. The email address will be auto-populated from the email address you searched for above and is not editable.

You can add a student to their digital roster without an email address. Right next to the existing “Add a student” button you will now find an “Add a student without an email” button. When you click this button, a form will open allowing you to enter the student’s information. This feature is only available for students receiving a physical certification card.

If you enter a student without an email, you can add an email address for them before you submit the roster. If the student wants a digital card issues instead of a physical card, the student can simply provide you with an email address before the end of class. To start using this feature, follow the instructions below:

  • On the roster, click the “Add a student without an email” button.
  • Fill out the student’s information in the form.

  •  Click the save button, and your student is now on the roster without using an email address!

From the digital roster, you are able to email your students using one of the template emails provided. The emails sent to your students come from and include your name in the subject line. The body of each email includes your name, email, course name and date.


Pre-Class Reminder


Sorry You Missed Class


Training Day Reminder

Editing Student Information on Digital Roster

Make a typo when enrolling a student? Well now you can edit all student information visible on the digital roster before you complete the class. Note that this will also allow you to add an email to a student who enrolled without one should they provide the address. Any changes must be made before submitting the roster. Once a roster is submitted, all student’s information is locked in.

Now that you have added all your students to the roster and you have taught the course, you will want to submit the roster.  Submitting the roster will issue the certification cards to your students and send them an email with access to the Student Portal.

To submit the roster, you will need to check the box on the far left of each student who completed the course. You will then need to select the type of card the student will receive, digital or physical. If physical, you will need to type the pre-printed card number provided by EMS Safety into the “Card Issued” field.

Once you have submitted your roster you will see the completed roster. You will be able to print the roster for your records or print the students’ information onto the card printing template to be used with physical cards purchased from EMS Safety.

Digital certification cards are available for purchase along with the student workbooks. When ordering student workbooks you will select digital or physical cards.

Under the ‘My Account’ tab, you will find the Digital Credits Available section. Here you will see any unused digital credits that you have available and what certification type they are.

From the course roster, you will need to select which students will receive a digital card by checking the appropriate box under “Digital Card Issued.” Once the course has been taught and the selected student has passed the course, you can click the ‘Submit’ button to finalize the roster and issue the certification to the students.  Once submitted, the digital credit will be taken from your digital credits available.

The student will receive an email moments after the course has been submitted with a link to view their digital certification card and register to login to the Student Portal.

If the student clicks the link in the email, they will see the page below:

On above page, if the student clicks the ‘View Certification’ button they will see their digital certification card (see image below).  They can print it out for their records or save it to their computer or phone.

The student can also register for access to the Student Portal.  On the Student Portal, they will see any certifications they have through EMS Safety, access the digital workbook according to their certification, and more.

Resend Course Completion Email

Instructors can resend the course completion email that is automatically sent to each student when the digital roster is submitted. To resend the course completion email, follow these instructions:[clear]

  • Open the completed roster that contains the student(s) you would like to resend the “Course Completed” email to

  • Check the box to the left of the student(s) that need the email to be resent

  • At the bottom of the page, there is a drop-down menu for sending out emails
  • Choose the option “Send Digital Certs”

  • The system will send an email to the email address listed on the roster for the checked students
  • The email that is sent will give the student a link to setup an account in the Student Portal and access to their digital certification (if applicable)
Instructor Access to Digital Certification Cards Previously Issued

You are now able to view a copy of the digital cards you have issued to your students. You will see the option to “Show Digital Cert” next to the student’s information on a submitted roster. Simply click the link to view a copy of the student’s certification card. This is ideal for people who train internally at their company and need to keep certification information on file.

The digital roster features a card printing template that fills in all the student data from your roster.  After you have taught the class and submitted the roster, you will see the “Print Physical Cards” button at the bottom of the completed roster.

You will then want to select the number of cards you have left on your physical card sheet. Cards come in sheets of four. If you have used one, two or three cards for a previous course, you will need to tell the printer where it should place the first card.  In this sample we have a full sheet of cards, so we choose “4” and click “OK”.

Depending on your internet browser, the Microsoft Word document will be downloaded. Here are a few examples of 3 different browsers:

Microsoft Edge


Google Chrome


Internet Explorer




You will need Microsoft Word to be able to use and edit the template. Here is a sample of the document:

Printing Tips

Every printer has different settings and you will need to adjust your printer settings to what might work best for you.

Here are some things to remember:

  • Print a test page with the exact same settings selected for the actual print.
  • Select the thickest paper type option your printer has available.
  • Print at the “highest” or “best” quality if available.
  • Hold your test print above the sheet of cards with light behind both sheets to see how they line up.
  • Test to see how your printer feeds the paper. It could be face down, face up, feet first or head first.

Export Student and Class Information

Instructors can export class and student information from their submitted digital rosters. This feature helps enhance recordkeeping abilities.

  • There are 2 export buttons on the bottom of the “My Account” page
    •  Export Without Student Information – Exports a spreadsheet that lists all previously completed digital rosters
    • Export with Student Information– Exports a spreadsheet that lists all previously completed digital rosters and includes a tab with all the students’ information

When you go to the “My Profile” tab you will be able to update your login information, edit your account information, and turn on or off the display of your contact information on the “Find an Instructor” page.

If you click the “Edit profile” button, you will be able to update your address, email address, phone numbers, and where you would like to be displayed on the “Find an Instructor” page.

Here is an example of the profile shown on the “Find an Instructor” page:

Under the ‘My Profile’ tab, you are able to upload and save documents to your account. EMS Safety will also be able to upload documents for you to view as well.

To upload a document, such as a roster, click on “Upload Documents”.

From here you will click on the ‘Find’ button to locate the document from your computer. Browse your computer for the file you wish to upload and click “open” or “ok” once you have the file selected.

Click on the ‘Upload’ button to begin the upload of the file to your account. Wait a few moments (depending on the size of the upload). When the upload is complete, you will return to the ‘My Profile’ tab and will be able to see your document in the file list.

To access all the Instructor documents associated with your certification level, click on the ‘Resource Library’ tab. Here you will see all the documents broken down by the certification type.

Click on the document you need and it will automatically download to your computer.


Simply login to the Instructor Portal and click on the “Invoices” tab on the My Account dashboard.

Open Invoices Tab

If you have credit terms with EMS Safety, click “Open Invoices” to view and pay any open invoices.

Invoice Payments Tab

You will see a history of previous invoices that have been paid, the payment amount, and the date paid.


Paid Invoices Tab

Here you will see a history of the invoices that have been paid in full.