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AEDs and Accessories

Base Price $1275

Philips OnSite Facts:

Weighs 3.3 LBS

IP Rating 21

Operating Temp Range 32º - 122º F (0º- 50º C)

8-year warranty

4-year Battery life

2-year pad life

Fixed Non-Escalating Energy (150J)

Why Philips?

Guides you through step by step: Life Guidance voice instructions will calmly and clearly guide you through the entire process from placing the pads, delivering a shock, and preforming additional CPR compressions.

Can be used for training: A training SMART pad cartridge can be installed in your live unit to convert it to a training unit. It disables the shock function while still walking you through the necessary steps to save a life.

Ready out of the box: Arrives with SMART pads cartridge and battery installed. Simply pull the great tab to make your Philips AED Rescue ready.

Conducts Daily tests: The onsite tests its components on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, preforming 85 automatic self-tests.

First shock best shock: Philips does not use escalating energy, they provide a 150J dosage of energy on every shock administered.

Quick Shock Technology: Delivers a shock after CPR in under 8 seconds.

Brand name you trust!

Philips OnSite Packages

Home Package

Philips OnSite

Business Package

Philips OnSite

School Package

Philips OnSite

Philips Accessories

Philips Accessories

Philips OnSite

Adult Pads

Philips OnSite

Child/Infant Pads

Philips OnSite


Philips OnSite

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