Online Store Instructions

If you have set up payment terms with EMS Safety, you may choose to purchase materials and products using a purchase order (PO). During checkout, you will be prompted to select a payment method. Select the “Purchase Order” bubble and enter the PO Number in the box.

The system will automatically confirm if your purchase is within your credit limit.

If you are interested in purchasing products with a purchase order and do NOT have payment terms set up with EMS Safety, please contact your Account Specialist for assistance.

The EMS Safety online store has permission based products. This means each Instructor is able to view and place orders based on their current credentials. Below are a few examples of how this may affect you.

Example 1 – If an Instructor is not logged into the Instructor Portal while viewing the online store, teaching materials like student workbooks and certifications cards will not be visible. Always confirm you are logged into the Instructor Portal if you are unable to locate products you should have access to.

Example 2 – An Instructor who has purchased a library set will see options to purchase certification cards independently from books. An Instructor who has NOT purchased a library set will only see the option to purchase certification cards WITH student workbooks.

Example 3 – An Instructor who has earned the BLS Instructor credential will be able to view and order BLS materials. An Instructor who has NOT earned the BLS Instructor credential will NOT be able to view and order BLS materials.

If you are interested in gaining a credential or cannot find a product via the online store, please contact your Account Specialist for assistance.

To order materials and products for your company, you must be listed as a manager on your company’s account. If you are unsure of whether you are a manager on the account or would like to be listed as a manager, please contact your Account Specialist for assistance.

If you are listed as a manager, all orders placed though the online store will always be placed under the company’s account. If you need to place an order under your personal account, please contact your Account Specialist to complete the order over the phone.

To set up an EMS Safety account, select “Set up Account” on the EMS Safety Login page.

If you are an EMS Safety Instructor, your account has already been created. Do not attempt to create an additional “Online Shopper” or “Student” account. If you need assistance logging into your Instructor account, please select “Forgot your password” on the EMS Safety login page or contact your Account Specialist.

If you are NOT a current EMS Safety Instructor or student and would like to establish an account to purchase materials and products online, select the “Online Shopper” bubble and a form will appear.

Complete the required fields in the Online Shopper form to create your account. You must include your email (username), first and last name, password, address (city, state and zip), and phone number. After entering your information, select “Submit” at the bottom to finish creating your account.

If you are an EMS Safety student with a physical wallet-style certification card (not a printout of a digital card), select the “Student” bubble and complete the required fields in the student form to create your account.

Each Instructor’s price tier reflects purchases made in a rolling 12-month period. The more you spend with EMS Safety, the more you save! As you reach each tier, you gain additional discounts for student workbooks and certification cards.

To view your price tier, select the “My Account” tab. Your price tier will be located at the top. As you make purchases, the “Based on Total Purchases of” will reflect the dollar amount spent during the 12-month rolling period. In addition, a green bar will track your progress as you reach the next tier.

There are several ways to search for products in the EMS Safety online store. To view materials and supplies, select “Products” in the upper left-hand corner and choose the desired category of products.

Continue selecting sub-categories, if applicable, to help find your desired product quicker.

If you are ordering a specific product, type the product’s name or any relevant keyword into the search bar located in the top, right corner.

You can browse through categories and filter through products to help tailor your search. Choose from filtering options, such as price, brand, type and program. The filters that appear will correspond with the products you are viewing. Simply click on the (+) sign next to the filter and additional drop-down options will appear.

Click on the box next to the filter option and a check mark will appear, indicating you have selected the filter.

To remove filters, simply uncheck the box next to the filter or click the X on the filter located at the top.

To save a credit card for fast checkout in the future, enter a nickname for your card into the “Save Card Name” while providing payment information during checkout. You are not required to save credit card information. Only enter a nickname if you are choosing to save the credit card for future use.

To view saved credit cards, select the “My Profile” tab. Select the “View” hyperlink under the “Saved Credit Cards” section.

To remove a credit card, select “Delete” to the right of the credit card information.

The EMS Safety Instructor Portal and online store only allow for one saved address. The online store will always use the primary address on file as the default shipping address. To view and edit the primary address on file, select the “My Profile” tab. To edit the address, select “Edit profile”.

Enter the updated address information in the address, city, state and zip code boxes. Once entered, select “Update profile” to save the updated address information.

To quickly reorder the same products from a previous order, select the “Orders” tab. Under the “Actions” column, select “Reorder”. This will place all of the items from the previous order in your shopping cart.

Once you are finished shopping for additional products, select the “My Cart” icon at the top. Confirm the products from your reorder are in your cart with the correct quantity. If everything is accurate, select “Go to checkout” to complete the checkout process.

To view your invoices, select the “Invoices” tab on the far right.

The “Open Invoices” tab displays all active invoices that require payment. You can make a credit card payment directly on this tab or by calling 1-800-215-9555 during business hours to pay be echeck.

The “Invoice Payments” tab displays all payments that have been on your account.

Invoice Date – the date EMS Safety sent the invoice

Payment Note – details which invoice # the payment is associated with

Payment Amount – the dollar amount EMS Safety received

Date Paid – the date EMS Safety received payment

The “Paid Invoices” tab displays each invoice EMS Safety has generated for your account. To view the invoice, click on the underlined invoice number.

Invoice Date – the date EMS Safety sent the invoice

Invoice #: the invoice number generated by EMS Safety to track transactions

Original Amount – the total dollar amount generated on the invoice

Date Paid – the date EMS Safety received payment

To view all orders placed on your account from January 1, 2017 to the present, select the “Orders” tab.

Here, you can view details of your previous orders, including date, price, shipping methods and invoices.

On the Orders tab, select the hyperlink located in the “Returns” column to view the RMA request.

The EMS Safety online store allows you to add items to your “wish list”. Wish lists can be used to save products for future purchases.

Creating a New Wish List – Select the “Wish list” icon in the top, right corner. Then select “New Wish list”.

Enter a unique “Wish List Name” so you are able to easily identify its purpose in the future. Select “Create List” to create the wish list.

As you explore the online shop, you can save products to your unique wish list. Select the drop-down menu to the left of “Add to Favorites List”. Then, select the wish list you would like to add the item to.

If you do not select a specific wish list, the item will be added to the default “Favorites List”.

Managing Wish Lists – Select the “Wish list” icon in the top, right corner. Then select “Manage Wish lists”.

Here, you can edit the name of the wish list or delete it from your account. To edit the name, select “Edit list” from the “Actions” column.

To delete the wish list, select “Delete” from the “Actions” column.

Email Wish list – To email a wish list to yourself or someone else, select the “Wish list” icon in the top, right corner. Then click the drop-down menu to select the desired wish list.

Select “Email Wish List” and a pop-up will appear. Enter the recipient’s email. You can send to multiple emails by placing a comma between each email. The “Comments” section allows you to enter any additional information that may benefit the recipient. Once the information is entered, select “Submit” to send your wish list.

You can now create reports to help support your business. To generate a spending report by category, select the “Reports” tab. Click the drop-down menu next to “Report” and select “Product Spend by Category”.

Click the drop-down menu next to “Format” to select whether you would like the report to be created as a PDF or Excel spreadsheet.

Enter the start and end dates for the report by clicking on each box and selecting the date from the calendar or by entering the dates using the format: MM/DD/YYYY.

After the report type, document format, and start and end dates have been entered, select “Submit Query” to generate the report. The report will open in a new window.

During checkout, you will be prompted to choose a shipping method. Click the drop-down menu under the “Shipping Method” to select your preferred shipping method. To view estimated delivery times or for additional information about each shipping method, click the ToolTip to the right of the “Shipping Method” section.

After clicking the ToolTip next to “Shipping Method”, a FedEx Ground Service map will appear detailing estimated delivery times. Select the “click here” for detailed shipping information.

If you need assistance choosing a shipping method, please contact your Account Specialist.

After completing your online order, you will receive an EMS Safety order confirmation email. The email will come from Please add this email address to your safe sender list to ensure you receive the confirmation email and other important EMS Safety emails.

You can review order details, including shipping method, billing address, shipping address and products purchased. Please keep this email and refer back to it when needed.

Have additional questions about your account or the EMS Safety online store? Feel free to contact us by phone at 800-215-9555 or at Our contact information can also be easily located on the “My Account” tab of your Instructor Portal.