Currently EMS Safety is in the process of reviewing and updating the procedure for becoming a mentor instructor.  If you are interested in teaching for EMS Safety, please follow the current process and we’ll contact you when new applicants are being accepted.

Become an EMS Safety Mentor Instructor

Mentor Instructor

EMS Safety is looking for dynamic and knowledgeable Instructors to become a certified EMS Safety Mentor Instructor. We understand prospective Instructors may not be able to attend a traditional Instructor Course due to geographical limitations. We have developed our mentor program to solve this issue and allow for individualized training.

The Mentoring Process

The Instructor mentoring process is a pathway for an individual (Instructor Trainee) to become a certified Instructor based on his or her experience co-teaching in the classroom with a certified Mentor Instructor. This is an excellent way for a company or an entrepreneur to add additional Instructors to the team without the logistical challenges of traveling to a traditional Instructor Course.

The process allows a certified Mentor Instructor to “mentor” a Trainee by documenting a combination of classroom demonstrations and observations. Both the Mentor Instructor and Trainee will utilize the Mentor Instructor Task Book (Click here to view a sample), which will guide the Mentor Instructor through all the elements necessary to develop a prospective Instructor. In addition to the Task Book, the Trainee will also:

  1. Co-teach 3 classes with certified Mentor Instructor.
  2. Complete Instructor development video series and knowledge checks.
  3. Pass the Instructor Exam.

To become a Mentor Instructor, you must:

  • Be currently certified as an EMS Safety Instructor and be in good standing.
  • Submit copies of course rosters showing you have taught at least two (2) CPR/AED/First Aid courses using the EMS Safety curriculum. If you have not taught combination courses, you must submit two (2) CPR/AED and two (2) First Aid rosters.
  • Complete the Mentor Instructor video series and knowledge checks.

Once you have completed these steps, email, and we will upgrade your Instructor credential to include Mentor Instructor. There are no fees associated with becoming a Mentor Instructor.

Current EMS Safety Instructor Trainers (IT) automatically qualify as a Mentor Instructor.

Start the Mentor Instructor Video Series

To become an Instructor Trainee (prospective Instructor), you must:

  • Possess a current CPR card from a nationally recognized organization
  • Locate a Mentor Instructor (not all Instructors are qualified as Mentor Instructors)

What to Expect


The Mentor Instructor will purchase and provide a Mentor CORE CPR/AED/First Aid Instructor Kit to the Trainee. The Instructor kit includes a Mentor Instructor Task Book, Instructor Manual, EMS Safety DVD and a set of sample student workbooks. The Trainee will use these materials throughout the mentoring process. Mentor Instructor Kits are available for $150. The Mentor Instructor determines the fee for service and may charge up to $415 per Instructor candidate.


The skill and lecture requirements to become an Instructor have not changed. The Trainee’s CPR skills will be evaluated by the Mentor Instructor using the same forms used in a traditional Instructor Course. In addition, the Mentor Instructor will evaluate several of the Trainee’s teaching demonstrations.

Each aspect of the course will be documented in the Mentor Instructor Task Book. Each skill or area of expertise will be signed off by a certified EMS Safety Mentor Instructor. A Trainee is permitted to have more than one Mentor Instructor.

In addition to completing the Mentor Instructor Task Book, the Trainee will view a series of videos and complete the associated knowledge checks. This will ensure the Trainee has a complete understanding of the Instructor roles and responsibilities. Finally, the Trainee will complete the Instructor written examination.


The Trainee maintains control of the Mentor Instructor Task Book. Once the Task Book and video series are completed, the Trainee will make a copy of the Task Book documentation. The Trainee will retain the original and send the copied documentation to EMS Safety for review.

Once EMS Safety has reviewed and approved the documentation, an Instructor card will be issued.

For more information regarding the Instructor mentoring process, please contact

Mentor Trainee

Click the link below to start the Mentor Trainee Video Series.

Mentor Trainee Video Series