Program Testimonials

“The [Instructor] class was very good and I am so glad I came across your company when looking for the Instructor training program. Kevin [the Instructor Trainer] did an excellent job teaching and you have been very helpful.”
Jackie Belshe – Kansas City, MO

“What I like about the program is that it is simple, right to the point. For my training purposes it’s a cost-effective way to bring training and awareness to the community.”
Stan Martinez – Murrieta, CA

“I watched your new video for the first time last week and it is the best video I have ever seen for training. I couldn’t have done it better myself.”
Tim Fewell – San Rafael, CA

“I love the new videos… they are so complete and easy to understand.”
Steve Fraijo – Hesperia, CA

“Your videos are directed at a mature crowd of all ages. The AHA’s (CPR in the schools) is more like…playing Patti cake.”
Chet Ossowski – Irvine, CA

“I received the instructor kit today. To be honest, the materials are better than I had anticipated. They are very professional and everything flows nicely. I am looking forward to working with EMS Safety Services.”
Steve Zorn – Warsaw, IN

“I love the new manuals; they have exactly what I need to know for my students. We (the instructors) are not missing a step and the students understand what we are saying. They’re perfect, don’t change a thing.”
Tara Hallmark – Vallejo, CA

“I have taught ARC, AHA and Medic First Aid and I enjoy your program the most.”
Lori Gordon – Sullivan, OH

“I loved the new books, they’re awesome, streamlined, and simpler to teach.”
Robert Kulasxa – Victorville, CA

“I have been an instructor for quite some time… I am so pleased to see the new books. You have obviously given your program some thought… Far more information is contained in the new book and I have had an excellent response from my students… I have much more stimulating questions coming from my students. They obviously like the new book.”
Marla Shiner – San Jacinto, CA

“The videos are awesome! I’m blown away and very excited at how good they are. Plus, the doctor narrator was good & very professional…”
Brent Labonte – Long Beach, CA

“I love the new videos. They are so user friendly! I’m very pleased and excited.”
Holly Teixeira – Pismo Beach, CA

“Oh my gosh, I’m so impressed. I just finished watching the new CPR DVD. You guys have out done yourselves this time. I am very familiar with all the videos available for training and yours is now by far the best! Your new videos are now of the same superior quality as your training manuals have been for quite some time. I am so pleased to be able to shine along with you all…”
Allen Reitz – Santa Maria, CA

“I enjoy representing EMS. The new videos are great and people really love my training. Thanks to EMS my business is spoken of very highly in my area.”
Diane Miller – Sun City, CA

“I really enjoy using your materials, as it is more detailed and the training material more readily flows. The pricing allows more people to be trained and certified at a lower cost.”
Ron Miller – Chiloquin, OR

“Thanks for sending me this information. The questions are excellent for the type of training we do. The overview is simple and easy to understand. Pages are simple and easy to understand. We prefer working with your company rather than other protocols we are trained in.”
Teddi Penewell – Huntington Beach, CA

“I am an EMS instructor, also an AHA, ARC instructor. I only do those for CPR classes, but do EMS for First Aid as that DVD is one of the best, and great for all levels of clients who need FA.”
Mariann Hampton – La Mirada, CA

“Just to let you know, I taught my first class using your program last week. I absolutely love it! There is so much more information in the Instructor’s Manual than with the Red Cross program. I was able to give the foster parents background and details relevant to dealing with children in their care that I just could not before. (Did you realize the current Red Cross Program does not even mention Febrile Seizures? The number of foster parents who deal with this is significant, and including them in the program gives them the information they need to deal with the situation rather than panic and call a social worker.) I plan to teach this program exclusively at our agency and am campaigning for the Spanish language trainer to do so as well.”
Alice Dorothy – Moreno Valley, CA

“The EMS course is clearer and easier for laymen to understand, and the DVD’s are much simpler and to the point. I plan to keep my affiliation with EMS Safety Services for as long as I teach.”
Mariann Hampton – La Mirada, CA

“I thought the class and especially the instructor were awesome. I enjoyed the training tremendously, and actually feel like I can perform CPR and some basic first aid with confidence.”
Angelinda Tesolin – Vallejo, CA

“I really enjoyed this training. The Instructor taught very well and I was impressed with her overall knowledge.”
Herb Cruz – Vallejo, CA

“Instructor and student books on CPR/First Aid are all very easy to follow.”
Eppie Ortega – Albuquerque, NM

“Keep doing what you’re doing! You guys are doing a great job!”
Brent Labonte – Long Beach, CA

“I enjoy teaching, using EMS Safety Services’ program.”
Skip Bloom – San Jose, CA

“Your program flows smoothly and students enjoy the pace.”
Ron Guerriero – Temecula, CA

“We just had our first class this past weekend and in my eyes it went real well. Again, I can’t compliment you enough on how wonderful your instructor manuals are designed; they literally taught the class for us. The students all agreed it was a great class.”
Joseph M. Barney – Akron,Ohio

“Excellent Spanish video and book.”
Danny Villalon – Hollister, CA

Product Testimonials

“I have been an instructor with (EMS Safety) for six years, and EMS just never lets you down with service, products, etc., just everything! Very happy.”
Diane Miller – Sun City, CA

“A few years ago I chose to use EMS Safety Services as my provider for training material. As each year passes I am more pleased with your service and products. Thank you for your dedication to providing your instructors with the newest standards and now the Affiliate Marketing program. WOW Thank You.”
David Owen – Victorville, CA

“I am impressed with your product, and pleased with the pricing and scope.”
TJ Carothers – Davenport, WA

“Your products are excellent! My students really like their new workbooks. I certainly appreciate EMS Safety Services! I intend to certify in other programs you have available as soon as I am able to!”
Gerry Mclean – Fairfield, WA

Customer Service Testimonials

“I really appreciate all the support. You guys are just great down at EMS Safety. I worked with the American Heart Association and the Red Cross, and it’s just really nice how efficient everything runs (at EMS Safety).”
Andrea Smith – Windsor, CA

“On behalf of Tapfire, a non-profit organization, we would like to thank you for your assistance in purchasing the adult and infant manikins for our trip to El Grullo, Mexico. This trip was to train 18 members of the Civil Protection force in El Grullo in basic EMS and firefighting skills. Your help was invaluable in arranging the Spanish language video and manuals, as well as selecting the proper type of equipment to purchase and leave in El Grullo for their continued training. We would not have been able to do so if the materials were in English.”
Captain Kyle Ohashi – Kent, WA

“I wanted to thank you and your staff for the excellent service I had when ordering supplies and training for my company. I work in West Hollywood, where I am in charge of two high rises. I was able to purchase AED’s, Trauma Bags and O2 from the same company. Not only did a representative come out and give me hands-on with the products I was interested in purchasing but, also told about your Instructor Training, which I used to teach our floor wardens. I can’t thank your staff enough. To know that my employees have access to training and medical equipment if there is ever an emergency allows me to sleep better at night.”
Eric Darling – West Hollywood, CA

“I have been certified with several different training agencies throughout the years, and no one has ever come close to providing the customer service you guys provide. As a matter of fact, I have never had more of a pleasurable experience with any other organization as I have with EMS Safety Services. You guys knock yourselves out to accommodate all my needs, pleasantly and in a timely manner.”
John Ortega – Albuquerque, NM

“EMS Safety makes it easy to run our business. We always receive very prompt and professional service. They keep on top of guidelines and always keep us informed.”
Danny and Dolores Villalon – Hollister, CA

“You are such a great company!!! EMS is just terrific!! I am very happy with your service”
Simmer Harry – Manvel, TX

“EMS bends over backwards for me.”
Ron Mellies – Dewey, AZ

“(We) have been teaching the EMS program for 11 years. We have had nothing but wonderful feedback from our students. We enjoy using the program because EMS is easy to work with and always sends revised information in a timely manner. Rob and his staff are very professional to work with. I truly enjoy working with EMS.”
Patti Sauchelli – Fullerton, CA

“… like your online set up. It’s clean and simple.”
Greg Beckett – Hesperia, CA

“I have been around since Paul Lepore started this business and their service and curriculum is awesome. I love teaching.”
Charlotte Sadler – Santee, CA

“Everything so far is perfect. Wonderful company to work with.”
David Redding – Brentwood, CA

“EMS Safety makes it easy for people to learn. I appreciate that they don’t discriminate against disabled people and are open to them learning CPR.”
Sharon Gutz – Vancouver, WA

“EMS has been behind me for 15 years. They have always given me great customer service and (I’m) always happy to work with them.”
Ron Mellies – Dewey, AZ

“I have always received great customer service from EMS. They are always happy to meet my needs and do it with an incredibly great attitude.”
Simmer Harry – Manvel, TX

“I just wanted to take a moment to let you know what an excellent organization you are leading. Everyone at the office is always so friendly and helpful…in answering my questions and keeping me updated on training standards and materials. As a matter of fact I received a call the other day from Debbie just to see how I was doing and if there was anything she could do to help. Imagine that! A vendor calling just to see how I was doing.”
Louie Liwanag – Laguna Niguel, CA

“Always a pleasure talking to (EMS Safety). [They are] prompt, just the best.”
Greg Beckett – Hesperia, CA

“I have been a CPR/First Aid instructor with EMS for about a year and a half. I wanted to thank you for being such a good company to work for and to work with.”
Nancy Diaz – Rancho Cucamonga, CA

“On behalf of the instructors @ Fairfield Fire, I just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful appreciation card your company recently sent to the Fairfield Fire Department for joining EMS Safety Services. It was a very nice customer service touch. We’re looking forward to teaching classes very soon using your curriculum. Keep up the good work.”
Vince Webster – Fairfield, CA

“Thank you. You, along with your entire staff that I have come in contact with, have been exceptional. I am proud to be affiliated w/ such a wonderful company & hope we have many years to come.”
Trisha Rodriguez – Delano, CA

“We received our trainee safety shields, new CPR/AED books, and CPR blank cards in time for
our CPR class today!!! Thank you so much!!! I put the order in on 2/22, but with budget
restraints, it took until 3/7 to get our order approved. I didn’t think there would be any way that
you could get our order to us in time for the class today. But you did! Thank you so very
much!!!!I am sooooooooo grateful!”

Cyndi Kiblin – Tucson, AZ

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