Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability InsuranceWe encourage EMS Safety Instructors to obtain professional liability insurance. This insurance offers personal protection to CPR, AED and First Aid Instructors who may find themselves vulnerable to a lawsuit or claim. Your reputation and personal finances could be at risk, even if a claim is unjustified.

Each Instructor determines whether liability insurance is right for their business and where to gain coverage. EMS Safety has partnered with Lockton Affinity to make Lockton Health Professional Liability Insurance available at competitive rates.

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If you teach for your employer, we recommend you be proactive in understanding the insurance coverage provided by your employer. You may choose to purchase additional liability insurance that will continue to provide personal protection if there are any gaps in coverage, if you change employers or if you choose to start teaching on your own.

EMS Safety is not liable for independent EMS Safety Instructors. It is the Instructor’s responsibility to seek out professional liability insurance.