Professional Prestan CPR Manikins

Prestan CPR Manikins are unlike any other CPR manikins on the market. The revolutionary features offered on the Prestan manikins for sale provide for better, easier and more effective training courses. The most impressive feature is the CPR Rate Monitor which allows for instant feedback to both the instructor and the student regarding the rate of chest compression. This allows each student to gauge their rate of compressions on their own as well as allowing the instructor to monitor several students quickly and easily. The realistic head tilt/chin lift on the Prestan Manikins for CPR instructors requires students to visually see the chest rise to better perform correct CPR. The piston mechanism also aids in the student in the correct force and depth for chest compressions. With a 3 year warranty, the Prestan Professional Manikins will allow for instructors to provide the absolute best safety training possible. Buy Prestan CPR Manikins today!

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