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Manikins simulate real-life situations. They are used for CPR training, healthcare professionals instruction, disaster practice and much more.  We offer a wide range of manikins for all your training needs. Click on the manikin listed below to purchase or learn more about the product.

Prestan Manikins110805-01PRE

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Prestan manikins feature unique clamshell design that accommodates an easy-to-insert face shield lung bag, and Prestan's new CPR Rate Monitor that provides instant feedback to both students and instructors about the rate of chest compressions! Other features include a patented face/head tilt that simulates the way an actual victim's head would move, and helps teach students how to open the airway during CPR; full chest rise; and a clicker mechanism that helps students learn to use the right amount of force in order to compress the victim's chest to the correct depth.

CPR Prompt ManikinsCPR Prompt Manikins

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The CPR Prompt Training Manikins provide affordable 1 student to 1 manikin training in CPR, AED use, and the abdominal thrust maneuver. It is lightweight, durable, and requires minimal cleaning when used with the face shield/lung bags. The manikin provides visual, tactile, and audible feedback to ensure proper technique. 3-year warranty.

Basic Buddy ManikinsBasic Buddy Manikins

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Basic Buddy CPR manikins are a durable manikin that includes a manufacturer 3-year warranty. The infant manikins are full body with arms and legs. The lungs rise & fall with breaths only if the airway is properly positioned.

Once initially assembled, there is little assembly before each course. They come out of the bag ready for lung bag insertion. The lung bags insert and remove in one step. There is no disassembly required for cleaning or storage.

Simulaids ManikinsSimulaids Manikins

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These economical CPR manikins are constructed of soft, realistic vinyl plastic over polyurethane foam. Features include: long torso for realistic abdominal thrusts, realistic head tilt and chin lift for opening airway, and anatomical landmarks including sternum and ribcage. Airway can be easily manipulated to simulate airway obstruction or choking situations.

Advanced ManikinsAdvanced Manikins

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They have all the features of CPR manikins but with additional qualities to teach advanced life support. We offer a variety of advanced manikins including the STAT w/ Deluxe Airway Management Head;  Adult ALS Trainer that aids in teaching BVM, intubation, IV injection, blood pressure, carotid pulse, & auscultation; CRiSis; CPRARLENE and more!

Rescue ManikinsRescue Manikins

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Rescue Manikins are specifically designed for victim-involved rescue scenarios from search and rescue to extrication to handcuffing. These manikins take your training to the next level by creating a realistic scenario. The options include; Rescue Randy, Handcuffing Police Training, Combat Challenge Kid, Rescue Jennifer and weighted training vests.

Choking ManikinsChoking Manikins

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These realistic manikins are available in child, adolescent, and adult sizes. Each life-size head and upper torso allow practice of abdominal thrust, chest thrust, and back blow procedures for clearing foreign body airway obstructions. When correct clearing procedures are performed, the manikin will expel the object causing the obstruction. The choking objects provided make excellent practice obstructions. This aids in learning the physical shifts necessary. It includes choking objects, shirt, and soft carry bag.

Nursing ManikinsNursing Manikins

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These are designed for scenario-based training for the care and management of basic patient handling skills to advanced nursing skills. These manikins allow for practice on many patient care procedures including ulcers, patient positioning and transfer techniques, intramuscular injection sites, bathing techniques, blood pressure training, and more.

We offer popular manikins such as GERi Nursing Skills manikin, KERi Nursing Skills manikin, and Simulaids Patient Care CPR manikin.

Casualty ManikinsCasualty Simulation

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A casualty manikin simulates a variety of disaster situations. Most are full bodied CPR trainers with lifelike features and anatomical landmarks. We offer trauma moulage kits to simulate virtually any situation emergency response teams may encounter.

Water Rescue ManikinsWater Rescue Manikins

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These are necessary for any water emergency training. These adult manikins are made of durable plastic with rust-resistant skeletons, articulated joints, and optional CPR capabilities. As they fill with water, they will sink up to the neck.

Medical SimulatorsMedical Simulators

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These easy-to-use simulators provide an effective means of teaching some of the many techniques necessary for medical professionals. Medical Simulators manikins include airway management, childbirth, injections & venipuncture, tension pneumothorax, arterial puncture, blood pressure, gynecologic, NG tube & trach skills, wound care, auscultation, catheterization, arrhythmia, cricothyrotomy, chest tubes, intraosseous infusion, and radiology.


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