Act Fast Anti Choking Trainer

The Act Fast Anti Choking Trainer is worn by students in CPR class to learn the Abdominal Thrust Maneuver. When performed correctly, a foam plug shoots into the air, making instruction realistic and leaving students confident. This is the easiest and most comfortable device to teach choking skills on the market. It is truly a must for any CPR instructor!


How It Works


  1. Pull the vest on, cinch the waist belt and drop a foam plug into the ‘airway’
  2. Place your hands in the correct position, between the navel and rib cage
  3. Deliver a quick, upward Abdominal Thrust Maneuver (Heimlich)
  4. The Act Fast Anti Choking trainer can be used standing, sitting, on the ground or even for choking self-rescue by using a counter or chair