Instructor Supplies

Part of being an Instructor with EMS Safety is always being prepared for your classes. We provide you with everything you will ever need from CPR Training Equipment to first aid training supplies so you will have a successful and smooth class. Choose the right material for you and with our easy-to-use online store and superb customer service, you will always find what you need quickly.

AED Trainers

An AED trainer is a required device when certifying students in AED. To see the AED trainers we offer click here.

AED Trainers

Anti-Choking TrainerAnti-Choking Trainer

The Act+Fast Anti Choking Trainer is worn by students in CPR class to learn the Abdominal Thrust Maneuver. When performed correctly, a foam plug shoots into the air, making instruction realistic and leaving students confident.

CPR Training Supplies

CPR Manikins & SuppliesCPR Training Dummies

We offer various types of manikins with many different features to suit your training needs. We carry Prestan manikins, CPR Prompt, Basic Buddy and Sani-Manikins to name a few. Additionally, we carry all CPR training equipment and replacement parts.

CPR Masks

Every certified responder must have and know how to use a CPR barrier device or mask. We offer CPR masks for training and live use. Practice valvues are available to be used along with the masks for training on proper seal and breathing.

Bag Valve Mask

Masks & Shields

CPR Shield Keychain

Training Shields

Get more time and use out of your manikins by using CPR training shield for each one of your students. Each student should receive their own shield, which will allow multiple students to use the same manikin and minimize cross-contamination.

Prestan CPR Shields

IS100 Training Shield

CPR Practice Training Shields

Emergency Oxygen Training SuppliesEmergency Oxygen Training Supplies

Emergency oxygen is used primarily to correct mild to moderate hypoxia (inadequate oxygen delivered to organs and tissues) and reduce the work of the heart. Oxygen is considered a drug and is regulated by the FDA. rescuers must be trained in its use and storage. We have all the supplies you need to train others in emergency oxygen administration including training materials and equipment.

First Aid Training Supplies

First Aid training has vast and varied topics. It covers everything from assessing and moving a victim, to bleeding & shock, trauma, heart attack, choking emergencies, trouble breathing, seizures, diabetic emergencies, bites & stings, and more. To retain information, students need to perform the skills in the class. Supplies are a necessary part for students to act out and practice what would happen in a real-life emergency. Our first aid training supplies we have available will help students retain information and skills.

First Aid Training Kit


Epi Pen

Wound Care

Instructor ClothingInstructor Clothing

We offer a variety of instructor clothing to wear during your classes or in the community to promote your business. Instructor Polos are professional and comfortable and come in black or navy blue in both women’s and men’s sizes. We also have Instructor T-shirts that advocate for community safety training. Visit the online store to choose the clothing best for you.

First Aid Kit SuppliesTraining Supply Kits

Training Supply Kits are the perfect tool for your students. They have everything you’ll need to demonstrate and practice the skills with your students. We have training kits for CPR & First Aid courses or First Aid only. Contents come in an easy-to-carry resealable bag perfect for transporting between classes. We also offer a package of 50 kits at a discounted rate that you can assemble yourself! Contents vary. Visit the online store to see a detailed list of contents from CPR training equipment to first aid training supplies and order yours today!