Disaster Supplies

When disaster strikes, you don’t have much time to act. Protect yourself and your family by planning ahead. Visit the FEMA website at www.ready.gov to download information on emergency planning and disaster supplies. Prepare a disaster supplies kit for home, office and vehicle. Consider your needs for food, water, shelter, medical supplies, lighting and tools. Click on the disaster supply type listed below to purchase or learn more about the product.

Disaster Kits

Disaster KitsWe have a large selection of disaster kits specifically designed for your needs whether they be for the office, home or car. Having an emergency kit ready well in advance of an emergency is essential. You may have to evacuate at a moment’s notice and you won’t have time to search for the supplies you need. Stay prepared and ready with the perfect kit for you. Typical items in a disaster kit include: food & water, lighting, solar blankets, first aid & CPR supplies, sanitary needs and more!
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Search & Rescue

Search & RescueIn most disaster situations, it can take quite some time before help arrives. When lives are at stake, it’s up to you to be in control and take action. Search and rescue kits contains things needed in an emergency for personal protection, entry & debris removal tools, emergency hand tools, and other emergency gear. We also have lightweight, versatile and easy-to-use stretchers to aid in moving a victim.

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Food & Water

Food & WaterIf an earthquake, hurricane, winter storm, or other disaster strikes your community, you might not have access to food, water and electricity for days or even weeks. By taking some time now to store emergency food and water supplies, you can provide for your community. We offer many different types of disaster food and water with varying shelf lives for your needs!

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CERT Supplies

CERTCommunity Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program educates people about disaster preparedness for hazards that may impact their area and trains them in basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations. CERT members help others in their neighborhood or workplace following an event when professional responders are not immediately available. We have many items that CERT members need to be well equipped.

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Emergency BlanketFrom blankets, to tents, tarps and cots, we have what you need for emergency shelter situations. These items are designed to retain body heat during shock and to offset hypothermia. All items store compactly and provide insulation and emergency protection in all weather conditions.

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Auto Emergencies

Auto EmergenciesAuto emergencies can and do happen, being prepared saves lives. Items are offered both individually or in complete kits. Options include: 30 minute high-intensity light stick – tow rope – auto spot light – jumper cables – first aid kit – flashlight with batteries – fire extinguisher – solar blanket – waterproof poncho – Swiss style army knife – flat tire fixer – drinking water – leather gloves – whistle – duct tape – utility knife – emergency instructions – help sign – wet naps – reflecting triangle

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SanitationThe lack of sanitation facilities following major disasters can create secondary problems. Hygiene and emergency sanitation are extremely important in a disaster situation. Our emergency toilets, sanitation kits, chemicals and hygiene kits can help meet your needs in the event of a crisis.

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TriageThe process of determining the priority of patient’s treatment needs based on the severity of their condition is considered extremely important in a disaster, mass-casualty incident. We offer several options for your triage needs including triage tape, tarps, tags and a kit for proper identification and organization.

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CommunicationWhen disaster strikes unexpectedly, the normal means of communication relied are often the first services disrupted. Our disaster communication equipment will allow you to communicate effectively to a large group of people. We have bull horns, whistles and signs to help calm the chaos of an emergency.

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LightingBlackouts do happen. The loss of power means reliance on portable light and generators to provide electricity. It may take anywhere from a few hours to a week before power is restored. We have a wide selection of lighting! Choose from light sticks, flashlight/radio combinations, key chain lights, high powered flashlights, wind-up powered lights and more!

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ToolsTools are used to aid in the event of an emergency. Our most popular tool is a 6-in-1 folding survival shovel. The item is a shovel, hatchet, hammer, saw and nail puller and a can opener! It has an easy push-button snap lock, ensuring quick changes while maintaining tool safety and strength –  a must have! Shop the tool section to be prepared in a disaster situation.

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These items are designed to keep you safe and offer protection in the event of a disaster. Items include: safety goggles, emergency blankets, ponchos, safety vests, dust masks, hard hats and more!

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Fire Safety

Fire LadderA fire emergency can happen at the home, office or in the community. Having equipment to help escape or subdue a fire beforehand will increase the likelihood of survival. We offer fire ladders of varying lengths, a fire escape blanket treated for fire retardency and smoke masks.

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