Become an EMS Safety Instructor Trainer

EMS Safety is looking for competent and knowledgeable CPR Instructor Trainers. We believe our instructors value high-quality training as much as we do. Here is your opportunity to help share our message. Rise to the next level with us and become a certified EMS Safety Instructor Trainer!

How to Become a CPR Instructor? To become an Instructor Trainer, you must have:

  • Certified at least 50 students in EMS Safety courses
  • Access to a laptop with PowerPoint, recommend 2013 version or newer
  • An account as a current Instructor with EMS Safety – No warnings, citations, account suspensions and be current on account balance

Interested in becoming a Mentor Instructor? Click here to learn more.

3 basic steps to become an Instructor Trainer:

Step 1 – Record and submit videos
Step 2 – Submit rosters
Step 3 – Review IT Video Series

How to Record and Submit

Thanks for your interest in becoming an EMS Safety Instructor Trainer. Read the tips below and feel free to reach out if you have any questions along the way.

To streamline IT certification, EMS Safety has developed a process in which you can submit two video recordings of you teaching two of the assigned topics. This process eliminates the need for you to be evaluated in person. While the same evaluation standards apply, we have eliminated the logistical challenges.

Post CPR Tutorial
The Evaluation Criteria


  • Review the materials and prepare your presentation
  • For lectures, follow the layout in the Instructor Manual, discuss content related to the bold and blue terms
  • For skill demonstrations, refer to the skill practice pages in the Lecture Guide or the Skill Sheets in the back of the Instructor Manual
  • Practice, record and review your presentation. When you are satisfied, submit it


  • Introduce yourself
  • Define the topic
    • What are the objectives?
    • Corresponding page number in the student workbook
  • Establish importance of the topic
    • Motivate the audience
    • Why is it important?

Be Organized

  • Use the student workbook to review the topic
  • Have a beginning, middle, and end
  • Insert discussion points or questions
  • Conclude with a summary of the key points

Be Engaging

  • It may feel awkward talking to the camera, but just treat it like a student in the class
  • Do not read verbatim from the student workbook
  • We want to see and hear how YOU present the content
  • Use the Instructor Manual as a reference to stay on track

You will be evaluated on:

  • A positive, varied tone. Avoid being monotone
  • Appropriate volume
  • Eye contact
  • Professionalism
  • Knowledge level
  • Presentation
  • Appropriate use of the student workbook
What to Record

Select one topic from the list of approved lectures listed below and select a second topic from the approved skills section below.

Approved Lecture Topics:
• Chain of Survival • Heart Attack • Burns
• CPR Overview • Stroke • Difficulty Breathing
• CPR and AED Considerations • Seizures • Poisoning
• Shock • Diabetic Emergencies • Heat-Related Emergencies
Approved Skills:
• Adult CPR • Child CPR • Adult Choking Care
• Infant CPR • Infant Choking Care •Assessment

Review the Instructor Manual and prepare your presentations.

Download the Video Lecture Evaluation and Video Skill Evaluation forms.  These are the same forms EMS Safety will use to review your presentations. Record the two topics you selected.

When You Record
  • Stay on topic
  • Be concise
  • Shoot landscape (wide version). If you’re using a smart phone, turn it sideways.
  • Keep the camera steady -use a steady surface or tripod
  • Use your resources. The evaluators will be reviewing the video through the eyes of a student in your class. Make sure we can follow along.
Sharing Your Video
  • Upload your video to a file sharing service and send us the link to view and download your video. There are some great and free services out there.Use any of these file sharing services to upload, store and share your video:

    Once your videos are uploaded, email the links to

    Include the following information:

    1. Your name
    2. A photo Identification (we need to verify it’s you)
    3. A link to the file location of your submitted videos
After You Submit the Videos

EMS Safety will review the videos using the Instructor Manual and evaluation forms. Our goal is to review them within 7 business days of receipt of your email. After the review, we will provide you with a copy of the evaluation and an email welcoming you as an EMS Safety IT, or guidance on how you can improve your teaching presentations. Remember, the IT is the role model for Trainees!

Thank you for learning about your IT video submissions! If you have questions on what to record, or how to record it or share it with us, email us at

Train 50 Students
  • Upload your EMS Safety rosters, completely filled out and legible, through the Instructor Portal. They should show that at least 50 students were trained.
Roster Submission FAQ’s

Can I submit bloodborne pathogen, emergency oxygen or previous Instructor course rosters?

Only EMS Safety CPR/AED and/or Basic First Aid courses qualify.

Can I submit rosters from other organizations?

Only EMS Safety courses are accepted.

What if I have not taught 50 students yet?

Keep teaching until you have hit the 50 student minimum. You’ll be there soon!

In this step you will watch our Instructor Trainer video series. At the end of each video segment, you will complete a simple quiz. Once you have completed the IT video series, you may take the IT exam.

Start IT Video Series
Instructor Trainer Video