Get Involved

EMS Safety Services, Inc., is always looking for worthwhile causes. Once you’ve decided that you would like to get involved there are many worthy organizations that merit your involvement.  These foundations and organizations contribute to research, cures and awareness on a variety of topics.  Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), stroke, heart attack, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), epinephrine auto-injectors, seizures and diabetes are amongst the causes that the EMS Safety Services community supports.

In addition to supporting your foundation of choice, many people advocate for increased public awareness and funding. A specialist from EMS Safety Services is available to consult with you today and in some instances speak at your event. Contact your area representative today for more information.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundations:

Ryan J. Clarke CPR Fund for Schools

Contact: Mary Winokur,


Travis R. Roy Sudden Cardiac Arrest Fund

Contact: Bob Roy,

Epinephrine Foundations and Advocacy:

FARE – Food Allergy Research & Education