Are you a CPR or First Aid Instructor?

If so, then you are eligible to grandfather into EMS Safety. Purchase the CORE Instructor Kit for a special price of $150*, and the instructor processing is free! Best of all, we’re so confident that you’ll love our materials that all Instructor Kits come with a 30-day money back guarantee!

Grandfather into EMS Safety



Grandfather Instructor Kit

CPR, AED, First Aid and Bloodborne Pathogens.

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EMS Safety CORE and ASHI BLS for Healthcare Providers

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Calling all BLS Instructors…

If you’re a BLS Instructor, HSI is accepted in a growing number of prehospital markets across the nation! We have you covered, whether you’re issuing CEU’s to EMT’s, Paramedics, or licensed dental providers.

Dual Discipline Instructors

(Instructors who teach both community rescuers and healthcare professionals)

As a special offer to our dual discipline instructors, we offer a discounted price of only $225* for our CORE and BLS kits. Best of all, we’re so confident that you’ll love our materials that all Instructor packages come with a 30-day money back guarantee!

Simple Steps to Grandfather into EMS Safety

Step 1

Complete the Instructor Application

Instructor Application
Complete the Instructor Application.

Instructor Application

Step 2

Purchase Your Instructor Kit

Instructor Kit

CORE: CPR, AED and First Aid – $150
CORE + BLS: $225

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Benefits to Grandfather into EMS Safety

Better Materials

We believe that training materials should facilitate learning, not handicap Instructors. Each Instructor can use his or her own experience and expertise, along with EMS Safety optional training topics, to add to the CORE curriculum and create custom courses which are effective and designed for the specific audience.

Less is more

We optimized the design of our training materials in order to streamline and simplify your classes. By combining CPR, AED and First Aid training resources into uniquely versatile Instructor resources, you will never be caught with the wrong materials, or have to carry around extra manuals and DVDs just in case.


We focus on contemporary training approaches to capture students’ attention and keep them engaged throughout the course, making your job easier. We also know that training is most effective if students can learn with supplies and equipment they will actually be using. The ‘Using an AED’ chapter in the video allows you to select the model of the AED used for video demonstration. EMS Safety offers the most versatile, realistic and engaging videos on the market. Want to see for yourself? Click here for a sample.

Grandfather into EMS Safety - Student WorkbookWorkbooks:

EMS Safety understands that every student has their own way of learning. We use research into different styles of learning to provide you with a full-color workbook that’s easy to read and utilizes a simple icon system. Unlike other student texts, topics are organized per page with a visual layout so they are easy to use as a reference. This strategy has allowed our product to transcend the normal student workbook that only targets reading/writing learners, letting visual learners engage and benefit from this important resource as well.   Click here to see a sample of our workbook.


Grandfather into EMS Safety - Instructor ManualInstructor Manuals:

We used feedback from numerous active Instructors to create the ultimate resource. Our Instructor manuals are like nothing else on the market! The only spiral-bound manual available means that you can remain mobile throughout your class, instead of being tethered to a desk or podium. Inserts of student workbook pages allow you to refer to the same text as your students, instead of making you juggle a student workbook and an Instructor manual. Like our student workbooks, this convenient resource is full color and has a continuous flow and simple visual icon system to aid the visually-minded instructor! Suggested questions, along with answers, are added throughout to make your course interactive. Skill Check pages are integrated into the manual. This 3-in-1 manual is used for Combo, CPR standalone and First Aid standalone courses. Forget writing your Instructor notes in 2 or 3 different manuals- use this single resource to teach all 3 courses!

Lowest cost workbooks and certification cards on the market

And that’s just the beginning. EMS Safety has a 5-tier system that allows you to use your purchasing power for discounts of up to 30% off our normal prices, which are already the lowest you’ll find. In addition, our complete line of products is designed to exactly serve the needs of you and your family, business or community. Find everything you need, from CPR, First Aid, and disaster supplies to AEDs, patient simulators and field equipment, all while earning credit towards tier discounts and personal rewards.

No red tape, ever

Even other organizations that claim they eliminate the red tape insist that you: a) affiliate with a training center, or b) become your own training center. As far as Instructor support and development go, we work with you directly. We don’t rely on third parties, which means less paperwork and confusion, lower prices, and better support for you. We work with you so that you can focus on what’s really important: training students to save lives.

Easy Certification card distribution

We make it easy for you to distribute certification cards to students. EMS Safety Services provides you with easy-to-use printer templates to complete and issue professional and nationally-accepted cards directly after your class, eliminating the headaches and long waits in between. Certification cards are purchased 4 cards per sheet.

Grandfather into EMS Safety FAQ's

How long does it take for reciprocity/grandfather to be processed?

Registration forms are reviewed within one business day of the receipt! Complete Instructor processing is completed within 10 business days, but the majority of Instructors receive their digital credentials within just a few days of completing the process.

Can I apply to grandfather if my Instructor certification has expired with another program?

EMS Safety understands that life happens, and we’re happy to extend a 30-day* grace period to accommodate those instructors who were not able to renew on time.
*subject to approval—does not apply if current certification was suspended or revoked.

Is there a fee for reciprocity?

No! But there is a material cost associated with the program(s) you choose to teach. Please visit our online store to learn more.

Is your program approved for use in my state?

Absolutely. Certifying approximately 250,000 students a year, our program is widely used and accepted in all 50 states and US territories. Please visit our approvals page for more information and a list of approvals.

I am a CPR/AED and First Aid Instructor with another nationally recognized program. Is there anything I need to do to qualify for your grandfather program?

EMS Safety understands that the program you teach is only a vehicle—it’s you who makes the difference between a good instructor and a poor instructor. We respect the job that other programs do when they train their instructors, and as long as you have adequate knowledge in the course(s) and have current teaching credentials, we’re happy to support you through the EMS Safety program.

As a special bonus, we invite all grandfather instructors to sit in and observe one of our many Instructor courses across the nation, free of charge. Though not required, it is highly beneficial, provides helpful refresher training, and is a great introduction to our training materials! View our course schedule here.