G2015 Instructor Training Materials

Less is more! We optimized the design of our training materials in order to streamline and simplify your classes. By combining CPR, AED and First Aid training resources into one uniquely versatile Instructor resource, you will never be caught with the wrong materials, or have to carry around extra manuals and DVDs.

G2015-IMInstructor Manual

  • Our Instructor manuals are like nothing else on the market! Full color with a continuous flow and simple visual icon system for the visually-minded instructor!
  • A 3-in-1 manual is used for Combo, CPR-only and First Aid-only courses. Forget writing your Instructor notes in 2 or 3 different manuals- use this single resource to teach all 3 courses! Individual course manuals and PowerPoints available soon for download from the Instructor Portal.
  • The spiral-binding allows you to be mobile throughout your class, not tethered to a desk or podium.
  • Topic times, DVD chapters and student workbook page numbers are in the status bar at the top.
  • An image of each student workbook page allows you to refer to the same text as your students, without making you juggle a student workbook and an Instructor manual.
  • Specific comments to supplement information from the video and workbook.
  • Suggested questions, along with answers, to make your course interactive.
  • Skill Check pages are integrated into the manual to make skills training and testing easy.


  • The most versatile, realistic and engaging training videos on the market.
  • An expanded DVD to allow you to choose the course you want: Combo, CPR-only, or First Aid-only.
  • Contemporary training approaches capture students’ attention and keep them engaged throughout the course, making your job easier.
  • Real-life video clips throughout to make the training more meaningful.
  • Interviews with victims, rescuers and subject matter experts so students want to learn.
  • Information given ‘just in time’ so that it is easier to process and apply. No more memorization of unrelated facts.
  • The ‘Using an AED’ chapter in the video allows you to select the model of the AED used for video demonstration. Training is most effective if students can learn with supplies and equipment they will actually be using.

ACF - 4pk_2Student Workbooks

  • A full-color workbook that’s easy to read and utilizes a simple icon system.
  • Topics are organized per page with a visual layout so they are easy to use as a reference.
  • Check Your Knowledge review pages promote interactive learning.