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Easy to use, clean and carry. CPR Prompt manikins are designed specifically for CPR and AED  training with the anatomical features desirable for instruction. By offering professional level quality at an affordable price, instructors are able to deliver hands-on, one-to-one training in CPR, AED use, and choking to increase lifesaving skills and retention. CPR Prompt manikins provide valuable student feedback and other important features such as an age selector dial that adjusts the compression depth required for adult or child CPR, head tilt/chin lift to open airways, visible chest rise, audible compression clicker verifies proper technique.

Encouraging student confidence, manikins provide built-in feedback, have realistic anatomical markings, and are available in adult/child or infant sizes. All manikins are lightweight, portable and finished with a resilient DURACOAT coating for a realistic skin-like finish tough enough to withstand repeated use and easy cleaning for  long life – perfect for the professional.

All CPR Prompt products carry a 3-year warranty.

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