CPR Masks & Shields

Always be prepared to give aid, while minimizing your risk of exposure. We offer a full selection of the highest quality CPR barrier devices on the market, enabling you to be prepared at work, at home or on the road. We offer a wide variety of barrier devices to fit your needs.

CPR masks provide the most protection against potential exposure when performing CPR. There are several options for the perfect CPR mask for you. You can choose from either a hard clamshell-like case or a soft zipper case. The cases come with adult only or adult and infant masks with gloves and a wipe. The emergency CPR mask is designed with the rescuer/first responder in mind. The clear mask allows the rescuer to position it properly and monitor the victim. It features a one-way valve with a filter, an elastic latex-free head strap attached to the mask, bladder inflation that ensures a proper seal, and an oxygen inlet. Emergencies can happen at any time! With a CPR mask handy, you will be ready when you need it!

CPR Masks Clam Shell
CPR Masks Soft Shell
CPR Mask

CPR shields are compact barrier devices perfect for carrying with you or to resell in your training classes! The shields come in a nylon key ring case to allow easy transport and is instantly ready for use. We have both single-valves and double-valve for the upmost protection. The CPR shields have two flexible grips located below the shield to provide safer handling and help release the shield between breaths. The barrier area is large and durable to provide more protection for the rescuer. The shield is designed to fit adults and children.

CPR Shield & gloves
CPR Shield
CPR Shield

Bag valve masks are necessary for training at the professional rescuer level. The hand-held device is used to positive pressure ventilation to a patient who is not breathing or breathing inadequately. The bag valve mask is a normal part of a resuscitation kit for trained professionals such as an ambulance crew or nurses. The device is self-filling or additional oxygen can be added. We offer adult, child and infant bag valve masks. They can also be purchased individually or in a pack of six. All units come complete with a mask, oxygen reservoir, 7’ oxygen tubing and a flexible PVC cushion face mask that ensures a tight seal. The mask is designed for easy one hand operation with a Poly webbing handle and lightly textures PVC bag for sure grip and comfort.

Bag Valve Mask