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Did Your Training Center Increase Prices?

Did Your Training Center Increase Prices? Did your training center increase the cost of workbooks and certification cards due to the recent changes by American Heart Association and other CPR training organizations? If so, now is the time to Grandfather into EMS Safety’s program! EMS Safety Services has consistently offered the most cost-effective training materials…
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Prestan AED UltraTrainer

New Prestan AED UltraTrainer™ The new Prestan AED UltraTrainer™ is a compact, light-weight and affordable AED trainer. The UltraTrainer is the first and ONLY universal trainer to include a Child Button, allowing for a more accurate simulation of modern, live AEDs on the market. You can customize your students’ learning experience by switching between training…
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Prestan Blue Monitor

Prestan® Professional Adult Manikin BLUE CPR Rate Monitor As recommended by the updated 2015 CPR Guidelines, Prestan has taken its innovative and patented CPR Rate Monitor to the next level of quality feedback. When students are practicing CPR compressions on a Prestan Professional Adult Manikin, not only will they see when they have reached and…
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