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It doesn’t matter if you’re a large corporation wanting to train in-house instructors over multiple sites or a small business that needs a local instructor referral. EMS Safety will help you find cost-effective training and equipment solutions to meet your emergency response goals.

Large Corporations

It might seem like a hassle to switch from a training program you’ve been using for years, but not if you were to see the savings and convenience of using EMS Safety’s programs. We have extended our government pricing discounts to our Corporate Partners to provide you with the best CPR and First Aid training and equipment throughout the US and in many foreign countries.

Your Safety Budget Goes Further

You can benefit from our on-site Instructor courses and lower your costs while adding training and equipment for more responders with the same or less money. Our OSHA-compliant training programs will keep you in compliance with local and federal emergency response mandates. Learn how to become an instructor or email us with any questions to get started.

Our Small Business Certifications include:

  • SBA SDB # WE0001-0000423
  • California Small Business Certification # 0035083
  • CPUC (Supplier Clearinghouse) WMBE Certification # 5JN00014
  • DOT WMBE Certification # 35358

Should We Have In-House Instructors?

For businesses that train more than 50 responders every year, In-house Instructors can dramatically reduce your spending on training.

By training key people on all shifts to become Instructors, your organization gains the greatest degree of flexibility possible:

  • Schedule courses at your convenience.
  • No minimum number of students.
  • No cancellation penalties.
  • Key employees become a resource for information and expertise.
  • Saves money immediately!

The Instructor certification process is a one-time cost that is usually recovered in the first course! Then your organization will only be purchasing workbooks and certification cards, saving you so much money you can buy those AEDs, first aid or disaster supplies you wanted.

What If We Already Have In-house Instructors?

Most companies can ‘grandfather’ their Instructors into EMS Safety and purchase student training materials for less than the cost of staying with their current training program. Our quality training programs are easy to teach and a great resource for information.

Please contact us to receive a formal Train-the-Trainer proposal for your organization.

Small Businesses

EMS Safety understands your needs better than other national training organizations. After all, we’re a certified small business too! Because most small businesses don’t have the need for In-house Instructors, we can help you find a local EMS Safety Instructor who can help you with your courses. Find an Instructor near you.

In addition to training, we offer many cost-effective supplies for your rescuers once they are trained. Visit our Online Store to see our emergency response and disaster preparedness supplies. Contact us any time with questions or to help you set up a provider course in your area.

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