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CPR and AED Awareness Week 2018

It’s CPR and AED Awareness Week!

National CPR and AED Awareness Week is June 1-7. During this week, organizations across the nation shine a spotlight on the importance of being trained in CPR and AED use. Simply put: the more people trained, the more lives saved!

Are you prepared to respond to a life-threatening situation? Do your children know how to recognize an emergency and respond accordingly? About 70 percent of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests happen in homes, meaning the life you save might be the one you love most.

Bystanders Save Lives

Learning about emergencies and practicing lifesaving skills is vital to increasing the chances of survival. During an emergency, our mind can shut down, but muscle memory allows our body to kick into action. Watch as everyday heroes describe how their CPR and AED training prepared them to save a life.

Claire and Sebastian survived because bystanders were properly trained in CPR and AED use. They survived because bystanders were willing to provide help. Bystanders are the key to survival. Educating our communities is the first step to preparing bystanders to respond quickly and confidently.

Spread Awareness

Celebrate National CPR and AED Awareness Week by giving classes in your community or brushing up on your own skills with a refresher course. Encourage your loved ones to take a certification course. Be vocal about the need for CPR and AED training at work and at school. You never know whose life you might save.

We encourage you to spread awareness by sharing this video and other survival stories found on EMS Safety's social media platforms:

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