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Continuing Education for Licensed Dental Providers

Continuing Education for Licensed Dental ProvidersBelow is everything you need to know to issue continuing education units to dental providers. Please read all the content and download the Dental CEU Forms Packet to get started.

Contact EMS Safety if you have any questions.

EMS Safety is approved by the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) Program for Continuing Education as a Continuing Education Provider.

EMS Safety Instructors can issue continuing education credits to licensed dental providers such as dentists (DDS), registered dental hygienists (RDH) and registered dental assistants (RDA).

Teach the course and submit the required documents to EMS Safety. Once approved, EMS Safety will send completed course verification forms to you for signature and distribution to your dental providers.

Course verification forms will be submitted to the dental provider’s state dental board upon renewal of the dental providers license. 

Dental CEU Instructions

Step 1


Download the Dental CEU Forms Packet
Download Forms

Step 2


Teach the course

Step 3


Submit required documents to EMS Safety

Step 4


Receive Course Verification Forms, sign and distribute to students


Required Forms and Documents

Required course forms and documents must be submitted to EMS Safety within 15 days of the course or will not be accepted.

Required forms include:

One per course

  • PACE course roster (only list students who need CEU)
  • EMS Safety course roster page 1 and 2
  • Conflict of interest
  • Image Authenticity Affidavit

One per student

  • PACE-course evaluation
  • Completed, course-appropriate written exam answer sheet

Teach the Course and Submit Required Forms and Documents to EMS Safety

Instructors must submit the legible, complete course records to EMS Safety after the course. EMS Safety will review the records, print course verification forms and send them to the Instructors.

Submit the completed forms within 15-days of the course to be accepted.

Email to:

Mail to: EMS Safety Services, Inc.1046 Calle Recodo Suite K San Clemente, CA 92673

Fax to: (949) 388-2776

If forms are incomplete, missing or illegible EMS Safety will require you to retool and resubmit all forms at once. No partial submissions will be accepted at any time.

What EMS Safety Will Do

EMS Safety will evaluate completed paperwork. Any late, missing, illegible or incomplete paperwork will not be accepted and will require a complete resubmission.

Once all required paperwork is received and reviewed as acceptable, EMS Safety will:

  • Create a Course Verification Form (CE certificate) for each person listed on the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) Course Roster.
  • Generate Course Verification Forms ($3.00 each)
    • Mail Course Verification Forms to you for signature and distribution to students.
    • Invoice for Course Verification Certificates.
  • Maintain all course records for a minimum of 7 years.
  • Upload data to AGD for authentication (AGD members only)

FAQ's: Teaching EMS Safety courses to licensed dental providers

Most states accept continuing education from approved AGD/PACE providers but you'll need to contact your state dental board to be sure. Click here for interactive map with each state's dental board listing.
It varies, but in most states licensed or registered dental providers are required to maintain CPR/AED and Bloodborne Pathogens training. While courses like First Aid or Emergency Oxygen Administration may not be required, dental providers may receive continuing education for them. Contact your state dental board to know for sure.
Each state has its own unique requirements. For instance, in California a dentist or registered hygienist is required to maintain CPR/AED for Professional Rescuers certification, while a registered dental assistant requires CPR/AED for Community Rescuers (adult only).Only your state dental board will know for sure what CPR/AED course is appropriate for each type of licensed or registered dental provider.
Dental providers are required to continue their education in order to renew their license. Therefore, there are many different types of courses offered to dental providers.The following EMS Safety courses fall under the AGD/PACE category 142-Medical Emergency Training:
- CPR/AED for Professional Rescuers
- CPR/AED for Community Rescuers
- Basic First Aid
- Emergency Oxygen Administration
- Bloodborne Pathogens Training (BBP is part of category 148-Infectious Disease)
For dental continuing education, all EMS Safety CPR/AED or Basic First Aid courses must be at least four hours to match the contacted hours listed on the roster. While a recert course will meet the requirements for CPR/AED or Basic First Aid certification, the course hours will not meet the requirements for continuing education.
The forms are PDF documents; they can be completed on your computer or printed out and filled in by hand. To use PDF forms, EMS Safety recommends Adobe Acrobat Reader. Free versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded here. A word to the wise, type in the instructor name, instructor number, course date, location and course type (drop down) on the first page of the packet and it will populate that information throughout the packet.
No, non-members may receive CEU for AGD/PACE approved courses. Being an AGD member has additional benefits, such as CE management and tracking. Dental providers can contact AGD for more information on becoming an AGD member.
Yes, the PACE Course Verification Forms are $3.00 each.

- CPR/AED (Pro or Community) = 4 hours, must be full course

- Basic First Aid = 4 hours, must be full course

- Bloodborne Pathogens = 1 hour


Continuing Education for Licensed Dental Providers