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New Instructor Trainers

Congrats to the New Instructor Trainers! Congratulations to the following NEW EMS Safety Instructor Trainers. Each of them have successfully completed the process and have met the requirements. Welcome to the elite family of Instructor Trainers. They now have the ability to train and certify new EMS Safety Instructors. Robert Schroeder - Placerville, CA Loretta Robinson…
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Beating the Deadline – Literally

Below is a story from Curt Batie. He describes his near-death experience and the actions that saved his life - and could help save others in similar situations. His story emphasizes the importance of calling 911 quickly with the onset of life-threatening symptoms. Curt's story originally appeared in the FAA's official employee publication. Please read and share Curt's story.

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Instructor Nearly Becomes Choking Victim

Instructor Nearly Becomes Choking Victim If you're like me, good food can lead to dangerous situations. I can’t count how many times I've been diving into a juicy burger, and before I know it, I’m choking. I'll admit it. I eat way too fast. At least in the story we’re about to hear from EMS…
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