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Keep your Thanksgiving Happy and Safe

EMS Safety hopes that everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving. By now you have all of your Thanksgiving plans in place - who is bringing the pumpkin pie, what time the turkey goes in the oven, what store you will be camping out in front of for Black Friday sales - but is everyone…
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Teaching Tip: Glove Removal

Teaching Tip: Glove Removal Do you use unique visual aids, examples or explanations that make your teaching more effective and help your students retain information longer? We'd love for you to share them with our Instructor community. We ask that you stick to teaching generally-accepted treatment guidelines that are supported by science. Do you think…
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Instructor Nearly Becomes Choking Victim

Instructor Nearly Becomes Choking Victim If you're like me, good food can lead to dangerous situations. I can’t count how many times I've been diving into a juicy burger, and before I know it, I’m choking. I'll admit it. I eat way too fast. At least in the story we’re about to hear from EMS…
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