Did Your Training Center Increase Prices?

Did Your Training Center Increase Prices?

Did your training center increase the cost of workbooks and certification cards due to the recent changes by American Heart Association and other CPR training organizations? If so, now is the time to Grandfather into EMS Safety’s program! EMS Safety Services has consistently offered the most cost-effective training materials among nationally-recognized programs. 

EMS Safety Workbook and Card Pricing Table

Program Title

4-pack of Workbooks & Cards

Breakdown per Book & Card










BLS for Healthcare Providers



CPR AED FIRST AID for Caregivers



CPR AED FIRST AID for Childcare Providers



Training Center Increase PricesIf you are a current CPR Instructor, we offer a simple process to “grandfather”into our program. Simply complete a 1-page registration form, send us a copy of your Instructor card and purchase our all-inclusive Instructor Kit. Our Instructor materials are easy-to-use, and you won’t be restricted by the red tape encountered with other organizations.

We make it easy for you to directly distribute either physical or digital certification cards after your class, eliminating the headaches and long waits for processing. Our user-friendly Instructor Portal allows for simple recordkeeping and gives you access to up-to-date resources at no additional cost to you! We focus on supporting our Instructors by working with you directly to help make teaching easier, so you can focus on what’s really important: training students to save lives!

Do you purchase materials and supplies frequently from your current organization? Contact us directly to learn more about transferring your purchasing power to qualify for tier pricing discounts up to 30% off!


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