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The Portal Features You Have Been Waiting For!

The Portal Features You Have Been Waiting For!

We have added a few more new features to the Instructor Portal! Click the link below to see instructions on how to use the new features.

Add a Student Without an Email Address to a Roster

You can now add a student to their digital roster without an email address. Right next to the existing “Add a student” button you will now find an “Add a student without an email” button. When you click this button, a form will open allowing you to enter the student’s information. This feature is only available for students receiving a physical certification card.

If you enter a student without an email, you can add an email address for them before you submit the roster. If the student wants a digital card issues instead of a physical card, the student can simply provide you with an email address before the end of class. To start using this feature, follow the instructions below:

  • On the roster, click the “Add a student without an email” button.
  • Fill out the student's information in the form.
  •  Click the save button, and your student is now on the roster without using an email address!


Editing Student Information on Digital Roster

Make a typo when enrolling a student? Well now you can edit all student information visible on the digital roster before you complete the class. Note that this will also allow you to add an email to a student who enrolled without one should they provide the address. Any changes must be made before submitting the roster. Once a roster is submitted, all student's information is locked in.


Instructor Access to Digital Certification Cards Previously Issued

You are now able to view a copy of the digital cards you have issued to your students. You will see the option to “Show Digital Cert” next to the student’s information on a submitted roster. Simply click the link to view a copy of the student’s certification card. This is ideal for people who train internally at their company and need to keep certification information on file.

Portal Access for Students with Physical Cards

Your students who have received a physical certification card are now able to create an account in the Student Portal. On the login page, there is now an option for “Set up Student Account Using your Certification Card”. This will bring the student to a form that allows them to fill out their personal information and certification information. This will allow them access to the Student Portal, including digital copies of student workbooks. Please note, students will not have the option to print a digital card if a physical card was issued. To set up an account with a physical card, use the directions below:

  • Follow the link on the portal login page as pictured above
  • Fill out the information on the form

  • You will find the Instructor Number for the Instructor who taught you on the back of your certification card
  • Once you have filled out the form, hit the submit button and you are done!
  • You can now log into the student portal and access your digital resources


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