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Preventing Concussions in Sports

Preventing Concussions in Sports

Below is a very informative, fun and educational infographic on "Preventing Concussions in Sports" provided by Ohio University.

With professional football in full swing, we have noticed an increase in concussion awareness with extra on-field precautions and regulations. And it doesn't end with football or professional athletes. Since concussions are extremely common in youth sports and activities, it is important to spread awareness about preventing concussions as well as recognizing them. Coaches at all levels, parents and teachers should learn to recognize the signs and symptoms and know how to treat a suspected concussion. As mentioned in the infographic below, 70.5% of sports and recreation-related TBI [traumatic brain injury] emergency department visits were among kids 10 to 19-years-old.

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What can you do now? Get certified! Learn more about concussions by taking an EMS Safety First Aid and CPR class. You can find an instructor in your area by clicking here.

Concussion Prevention
Ohio University Online

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