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CPR Save at the Gym

CPR Save at the Gym

SHINE Award presented to Debb Homman
CPR Save at the Gym

Picture from left to right: Leadell Ediger, Debb Homman, Tanya Koehn

Debb Homman, a certified EMS Safety Instructor and employee with ChildCare Aware in Kansas, went to the gym at about 11:45 am one August morning that she will never forget.

While she was on the treadmill, Debb witnessed a man collapse off the machine he was using. A woman walked over to the man to check on him, but there was no response. She called the gym manager over, and there was still no response.

That's when Debb jumped into action.

"As much as I wanted someone else to help him, my guilt got the best of me," she said. Debb quickly left her treadmill, asked the manager if he needed help and told him she was trained in CPR.

She ran over to the victim—two other rescuers had assisted the man to the ground and were checking for a response. Debb announced that she was trained in CPR and would begin administering it. She directed the manager to get the AED, and he was able to return within seconds with it.

Debb performed CPR while instructing the manager to turn on the AED and follow the directions. They delivered the first shock to the victim, then Debb continued CPR. After about 9 minutes, the EMTs arrived and took over care.

The man was transported to the hospital. Debb has been in contact with his family, who said the next day he was able to walk up and down the halls of the hospital. Now he is at home and doing great.

Debb has been called a hero and an angel and received many thank you's for her actions that day. She tells them that she only did what she would want others to do if she needed CPR. "I would not want everyone to let me lay there," she said.


Debb was presented with the SHINE Award by her boss, Tanya Kohen, and the Executive Director at ChildCare Aware, Leadell Ediger. The SHINE award was submitted by Debb's EMS Safety Instructor Trainer, Scott Grzybowski.

We commend Debb for her willingness to act quickly and make a difference. Thank you Debb, and keep up the amazing work!

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