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AED Trainers and CPR Manikins are G2015 Compatible

AED Trainers and CPR Manikins are G2015 Compatible

New 2015 CPR, AED and First Aid Guidelines are here.

An Instructor wanted to know if she needs to buy new AEDs because of the changes in the CPR compression rate from ‘at least 100 compressions’ to the new ideal rate of ‘100 to 120 compressions per minute.’

When it comes to AED gear, not much has changed.

Your AEDs and the New CPR Guidelines are compatible!

G2015 compatible Prestan AED TrainerMost AEDs will provide a minimum compression rate of 100 compressions per minute. One objective with AED training is to ensure students follow the AED prompts. That hasn’t changed.

Even if you wanted an AED to go 120 bpm, you might not be able to find one…

AED manufacturers are not rushing to make AEDs and AED trainers that provide minimum and maximum compression rates. That may come naturally when newer generation AED equipment is released in the future. For now, the marketplace for AEDs and AED trainers remains the same.

Your manikins are good too, for now…

NG2015 compatible Prestan Manikinsew CPR guidelines also recommend a maximum compression depth of 2.4 inches (6 cm) to avoid CPR-related injuries. For the BLS instructor, it’s not just hard, it’s nearly impossible to judge that depth, especially when many basic CPR manikins don’t even compress ‘at least 2 inches’ for adult CPR.

Remember that most rescuers DO NOT COMPRESS HARD ENOUGH. That fact has not changed. So instead of teaching a maximum compression depth, continue to instruct hard compressions that are at least 2 inches for an adult.

There are more advanced manikins and manikin adjuncts that help instructors and rescuers better evaluate the compression depth, but these typically require bigger budgets.

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