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  • CPR Save at the Gym
    Debb Homman, a certified EMS Safety Instructor and employee with ChildCare Aware in Kansas, went to the gym at about 11:45 am one August morning…
  • Sample 2015 CPR Guideline Pages
    Sample 2015 CPR Guideline Workbook Pages Below are samples of pages from our CPR, AED and First Aid student workbook. The pages are full color with…
  • Why Take CPR Training Seriously?
    Why take CPR training seriously? Besides the obvious, your career and reputation may depend on it. Last year during a ‘vertical patrol’ inside a stairwell,…

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  • Brain Injury Awareness Day
    Brain Injury Awareness Day Today is Brain Injury Awareness Day, serving to raise awareness of the effects of brain injuries and advocate for further research…
  • Preventing Concussions in Sports
    Preventing Concussions in Sports Below is a very informative, fun and educational infographic on "Preventing Concussions in Sports" provided by Ohio University. With professional football…
  • Changing Epinephrine Laws
    Changing Epinephrine Laws Epinephrine Auto-Injector Laws are Changing I think we can all agree that the use of an epinephrine auto-injector is relatively simple and…

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EMS Safety Services has been providing quality CPR, AED and First Aid certification programs for over 20 years. Our goal is to earn your confidence in the quality of our safety training and first aid products, and keep you as a delighted customer. Think of us as your one-stop resource for emergency response training, disaster preparedness, and CPR and first aid supplies. With EMS Safety, you don’t sacrifice quality for value.

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